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Preventing Frozen Pipes

8/19/2019 (Permalink)

Frozen pipes underneath sink

Having a frozen pipe in your home in Concord, MO, especially during winter months, can create major issues and damage, especially if you’re not home to find the flooding until a month later. All too often, people go on vacation to a warmer climate and come back to thousands of dollars-worth of damage because they weren’t aware of the importance of pipe freeze prevention and didn’t take the necessary precautions to ensure their water pipes were prepared for the cold weather.
Once ice begins to thaw in a burst pipe, it can leak hundreds of gallons per hour into your home. Pipes that are most likely to freeze include those that run through outside walls, those placed under a sink, especially if near an outside wall, any that run through unheated basements or crawl spaces, and those that supply outdoor faucets.

Pipe Freeze Prevention

If you’re home and expect the weather to be unusually cold, you can leave your faucets dripping a little bit during the coldest times of the day.
Keep cabinet doors open to allow house heat in.
Wrap problem areas with electrical heat tape.
Use foam insulation wrap on pipes in unheated areas. If the air is cold enough for long enough, it could still freeze eventually.
Install a permanent heater in very cold areas of the home with many pipes, just to keep the air above freezing.
Disconnect garden hoses during the freezing months, turn off the water to the faucet, and drain the remaining water out.

Fixing Frozen Pipes Before They Burst

It’s possible to catch your frozen pipes before they burst, and if you do, they should be thawed immediately. You can tell if there is a frozen pipe somewhere if your water pressure is below normal during winter months, at a sink, for example. To fix it:

  • Turn off the water to your sink or to the whole house.
  • Open the faucet with the low pressure.
  • Find the pipe for that sink and follow it to the most likely spots near uninsulated areas.
  • There may be frost or ice around the frozen part, or a bulge.

Pipe freeze prevention is critical for homes in climates that have freezing temperatures. If you’ve experienced a home flood due to frozen pipes, there are flood remediation companies that can help you clean up the mess and repair any damage your home has sustained.

Electrical Fires and Your Business

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Install appropriate fire extinguishers throughout your buildings

Common Causes Of Electrical Fires In Your Business

When it comes to sneaky sources of flames and property damage, the electrical fire is one of the top culprits. Frayed wires, outdated electrical systems, damaged cable insulation, and short circuits are some of the top factors. The most common causes of these fires include

  • Faulty electrical outlets and outdated appliances with damaged cords or switches
  • Cords that have been run underneath a rug
  • Light bulbs with a wattage too high for light fixtures
  • Power and extension cords that have been overloaded
  • Inappropriate placement of space heaters, especially when they are too close to combustible items
  • Old wiring systems that can't handle today's reliance on electrical appliances

One of the best ways to protect your commercial property from electrical sparks and destructive flames is to recognize these common causes of fire and take preventative steps.

Which Extinguisher Is Best?

Another important step in protecting your property is to install appropriate fire extinguishers throughout your buildings. After an electrical fire, computer cleanup is much more effective if the right type of extinguisher has been used. There are several types to consider; the most common are

  • Clean agent extinguishers, commonly used in rooms with a lot of computer equipment
  • Class K extinguishers, the best option for commercial kitchens where grease fires are a possibility
  • Wet chemical extinguishers, most appropriate for hot surfaces, such as in food service establishments
  • Dry chemical extinguishers, best used for minor blazes in industrial settings

After a fire extinguisher has been used, contact a fire cleanup and remediation professional to appropriately clean up the residue from extinguisher discharge and to inspect your computer equipment for fire and smoke damage. If computer equipment is damaged and you use it, further damages and even new fires could take place.

What Other Preventative Steps Can You Take?

Electrical fire is a common cause of fire damage in commercial settings. Take steps to protect your Lakeshire, MO, business by understanding the most likely scenarios and taking steps to prevent them. Make sure you have the right policies in place and install the most appropriate extinguishers for each room in your buildings.

What Property Managers Should Do Before, During and After a Storm

8/6/2019 (Permalink)

Be prepared

Steps To Keep Your Building Secure Before, During and After a Storm

When you manage a commercial property in Marlborough, MO, you may not always think about storm preparedness. Yet natural disasters continue to occur throughout the county. It is thus important to get your building ready for a hurricane or other severe weather event. Here are some steps you can take before, during and after a storm to keep the building secure.

Be Prepared

Before storm season even begins, property managers should come up with a detailed game plan for handling harsh weather. The plan can include evacuation routes and emergency contact numbers. You should also review your contract with any security personnel so you know what to expect from them following the storm.

Perform Necessary Grounds Maintenance

Any good storm preparedness plan also includes grounds maintenance. If weather forecasts indicate that a storm is coming, you should prepare the surrounding area accordingly. Make sure to remove any large rocks or tree limbs close to the buildings. You should also empty out all of the dumpsters.

Assist With Evacuation

Property managers should also provide evacuation assistance for tenants. In the hours leading up to the storm, engineers, front desk workers and managers should stay behind to help others get out of the building.
These essential property management employees should leave the area once a mandatory evacuation is announced. Make sure to give them your cell phone number or email address so they can find out when they to return to work.

Report Any Storm Damage Immediately

Once it is safe to return to the building, have your staff members inspect the property for flood damage. Take photos and videos of any issues and hand them over to the property owner. The owner can then contact a commercial building restoration services company for storm cleanup.
Your property management duties don’t stop during or after a major storm. If you follow the above storm preparedness steps, the flood cleanup process will be much smoother.

How To Make a Fire Claim

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Board up home in Concord, MO

How To Make a Fire Claim

As fires become more of a threat, especially in states like California, fire insurance and homeowner’s insurance companies increasingly want to save money when paying out claims. So, it’s very important to follow all the rules laid out by your insurance policy to ensure they do not question your request in Concord, MO, and process your claim in a timely manner.

Call Your Insurance

It’s important that you file the claim immediately, so begin by calling your insurance agent so they can start the process. They will ask you to submit a “proof of loss claim” listing everything you have lost and the value. Details that may be needed include:

  • Date, location, and type of damage
  • Any injuries and other people involved
  • Condition of the home
  • Description of damaged items
  • Any required temporary repairs
  • Police report

It’s incredibly important to stay organized when dealing with your insurance provider. Keep all calls, emails, and other communications in one place, also including receipts, invoices, repair contracts, fire restoration estimates, etc. Be aware that each state has laws requiring insurance companies to act within a certain time frame to handle your case. Get in touch with the Department of Insurance if you have any issues getting a timely response.

Do Not Touch Damage

If your home has only been partially damaged, it’s important that it doesn’t become more damaged, but the physical integrity of that part of the home may be questionable. If you must move undamaged property away from that area, take extra precautions, or hire someone to do an inspection. Remember to keep the bill for the insurance company. While you might be tempted to start smoke cleaning, be confident you won’t cause further damage. A fire restoration company will have a variety of techniques and equipment to do a thorough job.

Board Up Services

Many insurance companies require you to have board-up services done, to guarantee that the property does not endure additional damage, such as from wind, rain, animals, vandals, or thieves. A fire restoration company will come in, assess the damage, and thoroughly seal the home up to the insurance company’s standards, giving you peace of mind that your claim will be processed without any issues.

Prepare Your Company for Mold Insurance Claims

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth in an Affton, MO building

The presence of mold can be a difficult thing for a company to address. There are many issues to take care of in a short time. First of all, the mold must be cleaned up by a professional company located in Affton, MO. Then, you must be sure to communicate what is happening to your employees. At some point, you will need to look into mold insurance claims. This final task has been made a little more complicated due to recent changes in the way insurance companies process claims associated with mold damage and exposure.

The Recent Changes

The trend is for insurers to make a mold claim harder to be awarded for property owners and people exposed to mold. In short, it may no longer be covered under a company’s general liability insurance. The reasons for this are numerous and fairly complicated:

  • An increase in claims for mold exposure
  • A higher profile in the media
  • A revision of the insurance profiles for mold exposure
  • A trend toward insurers excluding mold coverage

Mold remediation is a difficult challenge to begin with. A more demanding insurance environment adds to the problem. The important thing is to continue having a dialogue with your insurance company and make sure you understand any changes to your company’s policy as it pertains to mold insurance claims.

The Best Path Forward

If one thing has remained the same it’s that the presence of mold requires a visit from mold remediation specialists. The experts will be able to address the situation and rid your building of mold in a short time. They are Here to Help your company address the problem. The quicker the problem is taken care of the less likely it is that there will be any mold insurance claims. A thorough and effective cleaning of the affected area with the proper equipment will create a healthy atmosphere for workers and customers.

Protect Your Home With Landscaping

7/8/2019 (Permalink)

A rain garden is another way to solve rain drainage issues

Three Ways to Combat Flooding in Your Yard

With global warming and the resulting catastrophic weather changes, flooding has become a prominent issue that is increasingly affecting the entire world. If you live in Marlborough, MO, you’ll want to do everything that you can to protect your property. Here are three ways to combat flooding in your yard.

1. Mulch

One way to prevent increased water in your yard is to add mulch around the perimeter of your home or to garden areas — preferably mulch that is heavier than ordinary mulch. A hardwood mulch or material that is human-made is recommended. Using a heavier mulch prevents mulch chips from being moved easily by floodwater in a rain storm. Lightweight mulch in flood-prone areas can cause clogged drains and messy cleanup.

2. Rainspouts

Diverting water with rainspouts is another way to combat flooding. This water-displacing solution prevents water from pooling near walled structures. This not only helps prevent flooding near your home but also prevents the movement of softened soil, which can adversely affect your foundation and walls. Make sure to install gutters around the entire perimeter of the house and divert the water away from walls to lower ground such as a garden or rain barrel.

3. Rain Gardens

A rain garden is another way to solve rain drainage issues. It can be inexpensive and small if you like. Rain gardens are a place for water to collect during a storm, slowly trickling the puddles back into the soil. In the center of the garden, include plants that require a lot of water because they are low maintenance. Using native plants is recommended for these gardens. The outer edge plants will drain, and the center plants will benefit.

While there are several solutions for flooding, none of them are 100% weatherproof. Fortunately, if Mother Nature throws you a curveball and you do happen to have water damage, there are water damage professionals Here To Help.

3 Things to Consider When Estimating Fire Damage

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

In the aftermath of a fire, there is usually considerable damage done to the roof

3 Things to Consider When Estimating Fire Damage

After a fire causes destruction in your commercial building, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the costs and repairs that need to be done. However, monitoring the damage caused by the incident can help you feel in control during a stressful situation. If you are concerned about how to estimate the fire damage in your Lakeshire, MO, building, the following tips can give you an idea of where to begin.

1. Roof Repair

In the aftermath of a fire, there is usually considerable damage done to the roof. Depending on the severity of your situation, you may have to either repair or replace your roof. In many cases, roofs require emergency tarping in order to recover from the damage and be fully protected from any further harm. Be sure to pay attention to the state of your roof when assessing the damage from your commercial fire.

2. Water Damage

It is likely that flames and smoke aren't the only causes of damage to your commercial building. If firefighters showed up on your property, their efforts to extinguish the fire may have caused excess water to seep into your building. This can lead to water damage costs in addition to the fire damage that you are already dealing with. As you estimate your fire loss, don’t overlook the effects of water damage.

3. Elimination of Debris

If you notice a smoke odor in your building, it is likely caused by the presence of debris. A vital part of the fire restoration process involves removing all traces of debris and eliminating the odor of smoke and fire on your property. When this step is properly taken care of, your commercial building can be one step closer towards a full recovery.
It’s crucial to have your building restored as soon as possible after a fire. Schedule a fire damage assessment immediately to get an estimate of the damage that has targeted your business.

Water Categorization: Category Two

6/21/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial water restoration in Grantwood Village, MO

How to Handle and Recover from Water Category Two

A flooded commercial property leads to loss of profits and possibly rising insurance premiums. While, as the owner or manager, your mind jumps immediately to costs, it is also necessary to consider the safety of your employees or tenants. Although, you can remedy some issues easily, like a water pipe repair, others require a professional touch, especially when dealing with escalated water categories. There are three categories of water: clean, gray and black. This article addresses category two water, how to handle it and how to recover.

What is Category Two Water?

Category two water or gray water is not as bad as black water, but because of the level of contamination, it is still wise to hire a plumbing remediation specialist from the Grantwood Village, MO, area for removal and cleanup.
Unlike black water, gray water can originate from a clean water source, like a broken pipe, but it becomes contaminated after soaking through construction materials or standing for any length of time.

How to Handle Gray Water?

While gray water can start as clean water from a failed water pipe repair, it quickly fills with bacteria and other chemical compounds that make it unsafe for handling. Therefore, it is best to seek professional help and avoid any further difficulties.

How to Recover?

Once you hire a remediation specialist, they will come out to your property and assess the damage and remove any standing water. They may suggest the need for tear-out or some construction materials, like drywall and insulation, to help restore your property to pristine condition.

While a water pipe repair may fix the original issue, the gray water will still need removal, which a certified professional should handle. If you are dealing with a suspected category two flood, then don't go it alone, contact a certified and licensed remediation company to help. Keep yourself and your employees and tenants safe.

Three Fire Cleanup Steps: Assess, Dry, Restore

6/19/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Fire Damage can be devastating.

Living through a commercial fire may certainly damage your spirit. Nevertheless, swift action is key to recovery. Even though the fire danger has passed, the damage to your items may not have. You’ll want to take the necessary steps to minimize the loss of your valuables and place yourself on track for healing by following a few simple steps. Fire damage is at the forefront, of course. However, as firefighters use a powerful fire hose to extinguish flames, there may be water damage as well.

3 Steps to follow after commercial fire damage 

  1. The first step in salvage after a fire is assessing the property. Retrieve insurance documents and all needed paperwork from your insurance company. Evaluate the safety of your business, alongside an expert from a reputable fire restoration company in Affton, MO. Do not attempt to move items or access any unsafe areas of your establishment. Take inventory of your destroyed or damaged items.
  1. To prevent the growth of mold, begin the drying out phase. A licensed and insured restoration company in Affton, MO should have specialized tools to remove the excess water and minimize water damage. As different items tolerate varying amounts of water, there are several unique categories of wet cleaning. The most appropriate and safe one should be chosen for each item.
  1. After water cleanup has been completed, full restoration can continue. Smaller items suffering from fire damage may have been removed from your business earlier to start this repair process. At this stage, your chosen restoration company should implement full site cleanup of the soot and odor. If you’re able to observe some of the restoration work without being an obstacle, you may simply find it amazing.

Following these three basic steps of cleanup will help guide you through a smoother transition after a commercial fire. With the right experts at your side, your fire damage worries may be minimized and your commercial site restored sooner than you think.

3 Things To Avoid When Your Home Floods

6/10/2019 (Permalink)

Don't walk into standing water in your home

Three Things to Avoid Doing When You Have Water Damage

Water damage is usually pretty easy to spot. If there is standing water in your bathroom or a large water stain on your wall, you may have a broken pipe somewhere. When your home in Shrewsberry, MO, is flooded, you probably know you need to turn off the water and call for help, but you may be tempted to do other things that seem productive but can actually cause more harm than good. Here are three things to avoid doing when you have water damage.

1. Don't Walk Into Standing Water

Water in home can seem like something you want to get rid of as quickly as possible, but it's not smart to walk into it blindly. Never enter standing water, particularly if you can't see to the bottom of it. It may be hiding something hazardous. If it has come into contact with electricity, it can also be dangerous. Heed your own uncertainty and exercise caution.

2. Don't Try To Complete Repairs Yourself

It may seem frugal to fix your own problems, but it can actually end up costing you more in the long run. Once water damage from a broken pipe has altered the appearance of the ceiling or wall, it needs professional attention. Hire a licensed plumber to fix the pipe, and call certified restoration specialists to repair the damage and restore your home to its previous state.

3. Don't Move Items in Before Restoration Is Finished

When you report flooding to restoration experts, let them guide the timeline. Trying to move furniture or other belongings back into the affected area before all the repairs are finished can slow the process down considerably. The technicians can tell you not only which items can be moved back in but also when it is safe to do so.

A broken pipe can cause a big mess. Take the smart approach by letting the experts handle the entire cleanup process.