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Why Does My House Have Mold?

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

Hand pointing to mold growth on ceiling Mold damage in Webster Groves, MO.

Why Is Mold Growing In My House?

The moment you get a whiff of a musty odor, you know your home in Webster Groves, MO, has a mold problem. When that happens, it best to have a black mold remediation and restoration do the mold cleanup to ensure it is done properly. While it’s good to know someone is there to make it “Like it never even happened,” avoiding an infestation altogether is ideal.

Common Culprits
The key ingredient for any type of fungi issue is a moisture problem. Mold needs moisture, warm temperatures and food, which are various organic materials in your home, to survive, thrive and grow. Below are some of the main culprits that quickly lead to a black mold problem:

Humidity: As moisture evaporates, it increases the humidity levels inside your home. Your clothes dryer and HVAC system often play key roles in that increase.
Leaks: A hidden leak, even if it is a small drip, means water is pooling somewhere and dampening materials. Along with pipes, roofs are a common area for undetected leaks.
Condensation: From cold metal pipes to concrete floors and windows, varying temperatures increase the chances of condensation and mold.
Ventilation: When air isn’t circulating properly, it may mean a missed spill takes longer to dry or aid in increasing humidity levels.
Wet Clothes: Most of your clothing has organic fibers. As the water sits, it creates an ideal locale for fungi to grow.
Damp Basement: The lower level of your home often lacks good ventilation and has higher levels of moisture in the air. Since water follows gravity, leaks on other floors may naturally lead right to the basement.

Prevention Tips
Any unexpected moisture that lingers longer than 24 hours means you are increasing the chances of a colony growing and spreading to other areas. While mold isn’t entirely preventable, keeping humidity levels below 55%, immediately fixing leaks, insulating pipes and windows, running a dehumidifier, and ensuring good airflow are easy and cost-effective ways to minimize the chances of dealing with a massive problem.
Avoiding black mold means knowing common areas it is found and taking measures to keep those areas as moisture-free as possible.

Getting Your Company Ready for a Disaster

5/11/2021 (Permalink)

Building debris after storm, insulation in garbage can Storm damage in a building in Affton, MO.

Part of being a good business leader is being prepared and anticipating the unexpected. While you cannot tell the future, you can be ready for unforeseen circumstances. This not only includes issues that relate to your everyday work but to disasters and incidents as well. To keep your Affton, MO, workforce safe, you need to have a plan and measures in place when tragedy or emergencies strike. Your disaster preparedness will give you peace of mind.

Common Disasters in the Workplace

Disasters in the office could derail your business if you are not ready to prevent or face them. Typical situations like these include:

  • Wind damage to the building
  • Flooding from excessive rain or overflowing waterways nearby
  • Flooding from broken pipes or other plumbing issues
  • Fires

Have Good Insurance
Part of a good disaster preparedness plan should include having the right insurance coverage. Each year, assess your property insurance and determine if it is meeting your needs. Look at coverage levels and deductibles. If you live in an area where flooding is common or earthquakes are more possible, consider getting those supplemental insurance plans too. You should also become familiar with local disaster response and cleanup companies.

Inspect the Building
You need to have sound business preparedness to operate your company effectively and to keep people safe. You can avoid some disasters by making sure the building and its systems are up to date and in good condition. Regularly have a professional inspect the roof for leaks. Evaluate the plumbing and the electrical wiring and components.

Have an Evacuation Plan
Some disasters are unavoidable. You might not be able to stop an incident from occurring, but you can get people out of harm's way. Develop and practice a plan to exit the building in case of a fire, flood or other troubling situation that threatens people's well-being.
As you have reliable disaster preparedness, you can rest at ease knowing you have done your part. Implement these practices today.

3 Things To Do After a Fire Occurs in Your Company's Building

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

collage pictures of a fire in a warehouse, Warehouse fire damage

Things To Do After A Fire Building

If a fire ever occurs in your company's Concord, MO, building, you'll want to be prepared. Other than creating a fire escape plan, it's essential to know what to do afterward. Quick action can keep everyone safe, as well as help the fire restoration process get completed sooner. If you're looking for information on this topic, here are three things to do after a fire occurs in your company's building.

1. Find a Temporary Workspace
One of the most important things to keep in mind after a fire is that the building should be avoided. Even if the building seemingly has minimal damage, it isn't safe to enter it until doing so has been approved. You may not be able to fully reinhabit it until the fire damage restoration process has occurred. If you're unsure about where to hold work, here are some temporary office spaces you can try:

  • Virtual spaces
  • Your home
  • A rented space
  • Community meeting areas

2. Contact Your Insurance Agency
Once everyone's safety has been ensured, you'll need to contact your fire insurance agency. Be sure to thoroughly explain the situation and ask for information on the next steps. If you can get a detailed report of the damage, that may be helpful in this process. Don't delay at any point. Restoration procedures like smoke cleaning can get started sooner if you take quick action.

3. Hire a Board-Up Service
While you may not return to your building any time soon, it still needs to be taken care of. This is especially important if the fire created holes that would let in the elements. Therefore, you may want to hire a board-up service. Doing so lessens the chance that you'll need to deal with more than fire damage during the fire restoration process.
While you can't ensure that your building won't experience a fire, you can be prepared. Stay informed and be ready to get the fire restoration process started.

Commercial Content Cleaning Can Save Thousands After Flood Damage

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded warehouse After a flood, your commercial building is likely to be a serious mess.

Commercial Content Cleaning

After a flood in Marlborough, MO, your commercial building is likely to be a serious mess. Besides the damage to the structure, everything inside that the water touched must be inspected and cleaned.
The key to saving money is for your restoration experts to have a “restore” versus “replace” mentality. Their custom equipment and content cleaning solvents can frequently salvage and repair your contents instead of replacing them.

Content Replacement Can Be a Massive Cost
Many businesses in Marlborough, MO, have thousands of dollars worth of equipment and inventory inside their building. Much of this can be restored instead of replaced. This includes items such as:

  • Appliances and electronics
  • Stock and inventory
  • Documents and storage devices
  • Carpets and furniture

Electronics Can Be Tricky
If you can shut off your electronics before a flood, there’s a chance they can be restored. Also, quick action after the storm is critical to prevent further corrosion, but never attempt to turn on any water-damaged electronic device without it being inspected.
Appliances that are disconnected from power have a good chance to be recovered. Ideally, you’ll have turned off all the breakers before the flood hits.

Porous Items Can Sometimes Be Cleaned
Depending on the amount of black water mixed in, items such as carpets and furniture can often be saved with advanced content cleaning methods. The more porous the item is, the harder it is to clean. Inventory below the flood line will all have to be inspected, as well.

Saving Documents Usually Requires a Professional
Once documents get wet, they stick together, becoming a goopy mess. However, new innovations in document restoration mean many of them can be saved if you take immediate action.
Fortunately, SERVPRO is Faster to Any Size Disaster. They’ll arrive immediately and begin the process, even using freeze-drying and thermal vacuum technology to salvage every possible item. Expediency is the key here – you need to call your experts or insurance agent before the floodwaters have subsided.
Content cleaning can save many items, a lot of money and considerable time compared to replacement. It all depends on the skill of your restoration company.

OSHA Requires Certain Businesses to Maintain First Aid Kits

4/15/2021 (Permalink)

Folder with label Occupational Safety and Health Administration OSHA OSHA is happy to provide free guidance for any additional items your business needs in its emergency kit.

In the United States, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that certain businesses have a first aid kit matching the size of their organization in Grantwood Village, MO. While inspections of kits are rare, not having one when disaster hits can have negative results, including

  • Lawsuits
  • Civil penalties
  • Possible criminal penalties
  • Denied insurance claims

The OSHA Regulations

OSHA says that all businesses that aren’t in “near proximity” to a clinic or hospital must maintain “adequate first aid supplies.” Near proximity is based on the risks and circumstances of your business operations. For businesses with a high chance of life-threatening injury or illness, they must be within a “3 to 4 minute response time.” For businesses that are unlikely to have life-threatening results, up to 15 minutes is allowed.

The Immediate Need for First Aid

Most kits will do nothing more than gather dust. However, sometimes they are the difference between life and death. If you don’t have at least what OSHA requires, you can be held liable for any resulting damages. If gross negligence is proven, you could also face an expensive criminal charge – and possibly spend time incarcerated.

The Items Needed for a First Aid Kit

The items you need are based on the type of operations at your business. However, certain items should be in every kit, including

  • First aid manual
  • Gauze pads
  • Adhesive bandages
  • Small scissors
  • Antibiotics
  • Adhesive tape
  • Rubber gloves
  • Tourniquet
  • Elastic bandage
  • Sling
  • Mylar emergency blanket
  • Breathing barrier
  • Instant cold compress

OSHA is happy to provide free guidance for any additional items your business needs in its emergency kit. Employees must be familiar with where it is and should have a little training in how to use it. The training can be made fun with small rewards, leaving employees to feel like the training was a welcome break from routine.
If your business has an emergency that causes injury and property damage, first get everyone to safety. Next, use your first aid kit or evacuate the injured to a safe medical facility. Then call an experienced damage restoration company to secure the building and begin the repair process.

4 Possible Reasons for a Beeping Fire Alarm

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

smoke detector with white smoke and red warning light A fire alarm is an essential part of any building.

4 Possible Reasons for a Beeping Fire Alarm

The fire alarm in your Lakeshire, MO, home is an important device, but it can be easy to forget that when it won’t stop beeping. While it may seem like just an annoyance, this is a sign that the alarm may have a problem that needs to be addressed. The following are some possibilities.

1. It Needs New Batteries
One of the most common reasons for your alarm to beep is because the batteries are running low. Devices that use traditional batteries need to have them changed once or twice a year. It is important to change the batteries when needed or it may not be able to alert you in time to stop the fire damage.

2. It Needs to Be Cleaned
When dirt or debris gathers in your fire alarm, this can interfere with the device’s ability to function correctly and can cause beeping. Dusting and cleaning the alarm regularly can help prevent this.

3. It Needs to Be Reset
A beeping alarm doesn’t always mean that there is a problem. Electronics can sometimes behave in unintended ways. If the alarm is clean and the batteries are fine, then you may just need to reset the device.

4. It Needs to Be Replaced
If all else fails, it might be time to get a new smoke alarm. Because it helps keep you safe and can alert you to an emergency in time to stop a severe fire and smoke damage, you should always keep your alarm in good condition. Most alarms will need to be replaced at least every ten years.
A fire alarm is an essential part of any building. Keeping yours properly maintained can reduce the need for extensive cleanup and restoration services in the event of an emergency. If yours is continuously beeping, there are several potential reasons for this. Checking for these issues can restore the peace and quiet in your home while keeping your family safe.

Factors Affecting Water Damage Mitigation

3/8/2021 (Permalink)

two air movers and a toilet Water damage in a Grantwood Village, MO home.

Factors Affecting Water Damage Mitigation

There are three main factors that determine how flood restoration specialists approach the water cleanup process in your home in Grantwood Village, MO. They must determine whether they are dealing with black water or a leak from a clean source. Technicians also must survey how extensive the problem is according to area size and the damage class. Each detail helps them form a plan for returning your home to its normal state.

Contamination Level
A supply line leak or pipe burst releases clean water into your home, but what happens if the flood comes from another place? Category 3 damage happens when your home is flooded from a contaminated source:

  • Sewer line
  • Storm water
  • Groundwater

Even if the leak starts as Category 2 from an overflowing appliance, if the standing water lingers for too long or floods the floor below it, it can easily become a black water problem. Extra disinfection steps are required to deal with extensive contamination.

Area Affected
It makes sense that the smaller the area that is affected by the flood, the less damage you will have. Conversely, if a whole floor of your home is flooded, the sewage cleanup process will be considerably more extensive. The technicians whom you hire to mitigate the damage can assess the issue and give you an estimated timeline for the completion of the repairs.

Damage Class
The class of water damage that you have also affects the time and procedures required to fix it. For example, Class 1 damage only affects part of a room and there is very little absorption into the materials surrounding the leak. Class 3 damage, however, means that the entire room from floor to ceiling is compromised and must undergo remediation. You need professional guidance to determine how much damage there really is.
There are several factors that affect the process and time frame for mitigation. To make sure the black water damage in your home is mitigated thoroughly, trust your local restoration experts.

Qualities You Want in Your Remediation Company

2/23/2021 (Permalink)

shelves with boxes, air movers. The faster you get things back to normal, the faster you can get on with your business.

Qualities You Want To Look For Before Making A Final Decision

Choosing a disaster remediation company is an important decision that is often made under stress. You want to hire someone who only works with your insurance agent. There are a few qualities you want to look for before making a final decision.

Vendor Compliance
The disaster remediation company you choose in Shrewsberry, MO should have a vendor program that:

  • Has a customer care program
  • Has compliance checks
  • Meets insurance requirements
  • Has a quality inspection and assurance program
  • Meets insurance company requirements

Making sure that the company can assure you that all of their vendors can meet or exceed expectations can save you time and money in the long run.

Electronic Filing
Electronic filing helps you file claims faster and easier than ever before. When your remediation company does most of the work for you, it makes it even easier. Some companies work with your insurance agent to submit your claim the same day they do the assessment. This way your pictures, claim and damages are all sent at once, which takes some of the post-disaster stress off you.

Emergency Response
How your cleanup company responds to an emergency is important. Disasters do not only happen between 9 and 5. They often happen at the most inconvenient times. If your emergency happens in the middle of the night, you need a company that is there for you. You need a company that has 24/7 services like SERVPRO. They can get started on your recovery right away.

Offering Pretesting
A service that offers pretesting is a great way to make sure that your claim is processed quickly. During pretesting, the company assesses the damage and mitigates the problems. They can immediately make certain the water is off or that your inventory and belongings are drying. They can even begin the remediation process right away.
When you've suffered a disaster, you want a cleanup company that works with your insurance agent and can help you get your business back on your feet. The faster you get things back to normal, the faster you can get on with your business.

How To Prevent an Out-of-Control Mold Infestation

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Ways To Prevent A Mold Problem From Getting Out Of Control

As a commercial property owner or manager, you have many jobs to juggle. This includes limiting or fixing damage to the premises. Mold is a particularly common cause of harm in commercial buildings. The invisible spores can spread through the air and grow on organic surfaces. While mold removal services are available, you can save money by stopping the mold infestation before it starts. 

1. Decrease Moisture
Mold grows quickly in dark and wet areas. You should thus limit the amount of moisture in the air. You can do this by installing fans and dehumidifiers throughout the property

2. Keep the HVAC System Clean
Mold often hides in the vents of your building. The spores can then spread into the air whenever you turn on your heater or air conditioner. To prevent this, clean the HVAC system regularly. If you do suspect that the spores have gotten into the vents, call mold removal experts.

3. Know the Signs
To prevent a mold problem from getting out of hand, you need to spot the spores when they first start to grow. Hold regular inspections and focus on wet areas such as crawl spaces and basements. Musty smells and fuzzy stains could be evidence of a mold issue.
Of course, finding the mold is only the first step. Once you suspect that the fungus is starting to grow, contact local commercial mold cleanup professionals. They will be able to remove the mold safely.
Because mold grows quickly, what appears to be a small patch of the fungus can quickly spread throughout your building. To prevent the need for mold removal services, you should keep your Webster Groves, MO, property dry and clean the vents. If you do find signs of mold on the premises, contact mold remediation specialists who can quickly address the issue.

Business Insurance Is a Lifesaver When Recovering From Water Damage

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Business Insurance. Business Concept on Clipboard. Business insurance policies alleviate tension from financial costs and massive restoration projects.

Three Reasons To Invest In The Policy

When saturation impacts commercial property, an owner may feel lost and exasperated trying to pick up the pieces. The premises are in danger of developing mold, rot and structural deterioration; thus, the exposure and lingering water damage demand prompt and methodical care to ensure the establishment in Crestwood, MO, can reopen, free of hazards. Business insurance may be the lifeline needed to stay in operation and survive the repairs. 

1. Receive Necessary Financial Support
Proprietors may face complete building overhauls. Remediation includes tearing out walls and flooring, purifying the air and vent system and tending to the source of trouble. The entire space must be disinfected and dried. These tasks add up to thousands of dollars, which owners may not have immediate access to. Many insurance policies cover the harm broken pipes caused. Owners pay a deductible amount; insurance, then, fronts the cost for everything else (within the coverage range). Also, merchandise and electronics may be harmed. Personal loss coverage allows for a check to replace or salvage these items.

2. Secure Authorized, Certified Assistance
Water damage treatment isn't easy, and inadequate cleanup could lead to future complications and additional bills. The insurer insists on proper methods, including the hiring of a reputable, certified water remediation company. The experts hold IICRC credentials, national professional standards, which layout a framework for meticulous care. In addition, Commercial Drying Specialists investigate the impacted sections. These workers have taken additional classes to understand the best processes to dry and sanitize the space. They can organize an effective plan and determine which technology to use to air out the area.

3. Enjoy Backup Reviews
Water cleanup errors or missteps could permit mold to grow or structures to fail. The insurer looks over the bills, damages and estimates to see that all necessary steps occur. An extra set of eyes is support to avoid more issues.
Business insurance policies alleviate tension from financial costs and massive restoration projects. Having it to help with water damage is an absolute must.