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What To Do When Your Fire Alarm Is Beeping

8/2/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke surrounding a smoke alarm Your smoke alarm is an important part of your home.

What To Do If Your Fire Alarm Goes Off

When you hear your fire alarm beeping, your first instinct should be to check for smoke or flames in your Affton, MO  home. If you do find a fire, get out of the house and call 911. Once the blaze has cleared, you should also contact your local fire damage cleanup specialists.

If there is no fire, your next course of action should be figuring out why your alarm was beeping.
Typically, a beeping smoke detector in the absence of fire signals that something is wrong with the detector itself. You need to make sure the device is working properly so it will alert you in the event of a real fire.

After all, a working smoke detector could give you a chance to extinguish the blaze before it causes severe fire damage. If your fire alarm is beeping when there are no flames, follow the below steps.

Reset the Device

Just like other electronics, a smoke alarm can be reset. Try turning off its power source, removing it from its bracket, and pressing down the test button for 15 to 20 seconds.

Change the Batteries

If you want to avoid the need for major fire cleanup in your home, you should change your smoke detector batteries every six months. Before taking the old batteries out of the device, be sure to note how they are placed in the alarm.

Clean the Alarm

Dust inside a fire alarm can also cause it to beep uncontrollably. The dust could also cause the detector to malfunction when there is actual smoke damage in your home. You can solve this issue by using an air blower to remove any debris.

Buy a New Device

If all else fails, consider buying a new smoke detector. Any alarms more than 10 years old should be replaced.

If you hear your smoke alarm beeping when it shouldn’t, you need to address the source of the malfunction as soon as possible.

Key Tips for Creating a Pet Fire Safety Plan

6/26/2022 (Permalink)

Puppy with an emergency kit Your pets need their own emergency kit.

Creating a Pet Fire Safety Plan: Key Points

When there's a fire emergency, it can be stressful to get everyone to safety, including your pets. Therefore, it's essential to have a plan in place for not just your family's well-being but any four-legged friends as well. Here are some important tips for pet safety if a fire breaks out at your Webster Groves, MO, home.

Have Necessary Supplies Ready
Just as you would have emergency supplies like water, blankets and first-aid kits for humans, your pets need their own supplies as well. This includes:

  • A stash of pet food
  • Additional water
  • Extra leashes, collars or other basic pet equipment

Keep these emergency items together in a safe space such as a car trunk in the event of a home fire.

Always Include Pets in Your Fire Emergency Escape Plan
Your pets are part of your family, so they should always be included in any emergency evacuation plans. Create an escape plan and practice evacuating with your family. During these practice drills, assign someone to take pets out of the home with them. Train pets to come when called to make evacuation easier.

Store Pet Documents Safely
When homes require extensive fire damage restoration services, oftentimes important documents are destroyed. Keep a fireproof box in your home with all your family's personal information documents, as well as pet documentation. Protect your pet's vaccination records and ownership papers as you would a passport or other personal documentation.

Prepare Alternative Shelter
If a fire displaces a family, their pets may not always be able to stay with them. An overlooked component of pet preparation is having an alternative shelter established in the event of a fire emergency. Ask a relative, friend or neighbor if a pet may stay with them under emergency circumstances.
Prepare to keep your pets safe in a home fire by having emergency supplies, practicing evacuation, storing veterinary documents safely and having an emergency shelter set up.

How Do Fire Sprinklers Work During a Fire?

1/16/2022 (Permalink)

Fire sprinkler system How do fire sprinklers work?

During a Fire, How Do Fire Sprinklers Work?

For many Webster Groves, MO, business owners, knowing that a fire sprinkler is installed at their commercial property provides great peace of mind. But how does a sprinkler actually work when a fire is taking place? Here are the steps involved in its operation and some other facts you may not know.

Sprinkler System Benefits

There are a great number of benefits to installing fire sprinklers in your building, including the following:

  • They reduce the heat, smoke and flames present during a fire.
  • They can minimize the risk of property damage.
  • They often put out a fire before firefighters even have a chance to arrive at the scene.

Since a fire sprinkler system can save lives and reduce the risk of damage, it really does pay to have one installed at your place of business.

How Sprinklers Operate

A sprinkler system consists of a pipe network filled with pressured water. This network is installed behind your building’s walls and ceilings, with the exterior sprinklers placed along your piping system. If a fire should occur, the sprinklers close to the flames become activated by a high temperature - never by smoke. The pressure system allows the sprinklers to shoot out water in a forceful manner, leading to fire suppression and possibly extinguishing the flames completely.

Fire Sprinkler Cleanup

By now, it is likely that you are convinced of the many safety and financial benefits of installing a sprinkler system. But what about the destruction caused by all that water? Fortunately, a commercial fire restoration company can help. In addition to assisting you with loss from the smoke and flames, fire damage technicians can help you clean up any water damage that occurs as a result of the sprinklers. In some cases, even important documents can be dried or otherwise salvaged.

A fire sprinkler system will help you protect more than your property. It will assist you in ensuring the safety of you and your workers in the event of a commercial fire.

Water Complications and Fire Damage

12/3/2021 (Permalink)

Severe kitchen fire, debris on top of kitchen cabinets and on the floor Fire damaged a home in Lakeshire, MO.

Water and Fire Damage

Because of the nature of the most frequently used fire suppression methods, damage due to water often occurs as a side effect of a fire. Because of this, there are few necessary precautions to take for anyone recovering from fire damage in Lakeshire, MO.

1. Standing Water

Some residential fires can take a long time to put out, and as a result, the lower floors of the home become inundated. If standing water has pooled in the basement, then have an electrical professional disconnect the home from the grid so that repairs can begin on wiring and appliances safely. Do not enter the flooded area immediately to attempt to fix water damage after a fire. Ensure that sufficient drainage and airflow are available so that the water recedes. This will reduce the risk of mold and permanent damage to drywall.

2. Soot and Smoke

Water and fire can be a problematic combination. The residues and compounds a fire leaves behind can become dissolved in the water sprayed from a fire hose and flow to locations beyond the original source of the fire damage. This can lead to discoloration and other undesirable effects, such as a visible water line along a basement flood. In order to salvage and restore your belongings without the need for complete replacement, it may be necessary to contact a qualified fire restoration professional.

3. Insurance Considerations

Your insurer may require that you document both the direct fire damage and the subsequent water retention in order to verify that repairs and replacements are covered by your policy. Begin this process promptly in order to prevent delays in compensation.

As it turns out, the water used to put out a fire can come with its own issues and complications. Luckily, insurance providers and fire damage cleanup services exist to expedite the recovery and return your home to its original condition.

How To Choose a Residential Fire Extinguisher

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

Types of fire extinguishers Types of fire extinguishers.

How to Select a Home Fire Extinguisher

A home fire extinguisher is an essential piece of fire preparedness equipment. Residential fire extinguishers tend to contain dry chemicals and may be rated class A, B, C, or a combination of these classifications.

• Class A extinguishers are suitable for ordinary combustibles.
• Class B extinguishers are designed for fires involving flammable liquids.
• Class C extinguishers are effective for electrical fires.

Other letter classes include D for combustible metals and K for cooking combustibles. Many home extinguishers are designated A:B: C, meaning they are capable of suppressing, if not putting out, all of these types of fires. An A:B: C fire extinguishers can help you protect your property and prevent yourself and other residents from sustaining severe fire-related injuries.

Whether you are upgrading your home safety equipment or just need to replace your extinguisher, in addition to selecting the class of extinguisher, you may also select either a disposable or rechargeable canister design.

• Disposable extinguishers have plastic valves and are intended to be used once and then replaced.
• Rechargeable extinguishers feature metal valves and cost more up front, but less to refill than buying a replacement disposable extinguisher.

Try to strike a balance between the size and weight of the extinguisher you choose and your ability to wield it reliably in the event of an emergency. The weight of an extinguisher is determined by the chemicals in the canister and the canister materials.

With the right home fire extinguisher, you may be able to put out small fires before the firefighters arrive or at least suppress the flames enough so that all residents can safely evacuate. Only trained firefighters can determine whether a fire is fully extinguished and no longer poses a danger. You should still call 911 to report any fire incident in your home. If you do experience a severe fire, contact a residential damage restoration company located near Webster Groves, MO.

Five Important Fire Escape Steps for Kids

7/20/2021 (Permalink)

Girl performing a fire crawl Nothing is more important than kids’ safety.

Five Fire Escape Steps For Kids

A home fire is a devastating event that one wants to go through. If you have small children in your Lakeshire, MO home, it is extremely important that they know how to safely escape the home should a fire occur. Below are five kids safety steps that will help keep your most precious family members safe in the event of a fire.

1. Fire Crawls

Kids should learn two ways to crawl out of the house. The first is getting down on all fours and putting forearms flat on the ground. Keep your nose to the floor like a dog sniffing. If the heat is too strong, keep your legs down, too.

2. Bed Rolls

Heat rises, so it’s important that children roll out of their beds instead of sitting up. Kids should turn or roll until their heads are facing the ground by the side, then put their outside hands down and slide to the floor.

3. Door Checks

Opening a door quickly can cause a flashover, when a fire gets a burst of oxygen. Kids should first feel the door. If it’s warm to the touch, they should slowly open it. If fire or smoke is visible, they should close the door right away.

4. Get Out or Get Help

For kids safety, find a secondary route in the event the main way is blocked. Teach kids how to open and climb out of a window if on the first floor, or to open a window and call for help if on a second floor. Older kids can learn how to use a fire escape ladder.

5. Stay Out

After a child escapes a home fire, they shouldn’t reenter for any reason. Tell them to wait outside and that firefighters will work on rescuing anyone left inside.

Nothing is more important than kids’ safety. Once everyone is out safely, you can start the remediation process.

Fire Damage Crestwood - A Look at the Different Types of Smoke Damage

7/1/2021 (Permalink)

wooden table with different items covered with soot, wall of the home covered with soot damage. Concept fire damage in a home Fire damage in a Crestwood, MO home.

Different Types of Smoke Damage

While it’s true that fire damage in Crestwood, MO can be devastating, the smoke produced by the fire can cause substantial residual damage. Unlike the fire itself, smoke travels everywhere, including areas of your home that were not directly involved in the blaze. If not properly treated, smoke damage caused by even the smallest fire can make your property unlivable. As a result, smoke damage restoration is a primary concern during the fire restoration process.
Smoke damage resulting from fire damage in Webster Groves usually falls into four different categories. They include:
Dry smoke
Dry smoke is usually the result of fast burning, high-temperature fires and emits a musky odor. Due to its powdery-like consistency, professionals can often remove it easily from solid surfaces. Unfortunately, it can become trapped in porous or cracked surfaces, where it is extremely challenging to remove.
Wet smoke
Wet damage has an especially pungent smoky and is most often the result of a fire that burns slowly at low temperatures (often referred to as smoldering). This odor is the product of the sticky, thick film of residue that it often leaves behind on surfaces. Needless to say, this type of smoke damage is the most difficult to remove from both structures and belongings.
Petroleum Smoke
Produced when oil or a substance that is oil-based catches fire, petroleum smoke is extremely dark and has the potential to stain and discolor anything it comes in contact with. However, it is relatively easy to clean up using a degreasing agent.
Protein Smoke
Protein smoke, as well as the almost overwhelming odor it produces, is often the result of organic materials or food catching fire. Although the soot it produces tends to be difficult to see because of its light color, it is easy to feel. Despite its light color, it has the potential to damage the color of wood surfaces permanently.

4 Possible Reasons for a Beeping Fire Alarm

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

smoke detector with white smoke and red warning light A fire alarm is an essential part of any building.

4 Possible Reasons for a Beeping Fire Alarm

The fire alarm in your Lakeshire, MO, home is an important device, but it can be easy to forget that when it won’t stop beeping. While it may seem like just an annoyance, this is a sign that the alarm may have a problem that needs to be addressed. The following are some possibilities.

1. It Needs New Batteries
One of the most common reasons for your alarm to beep is because the batteries are running low. Devices that use traditional batteries need to have them changed once or twice a year. It is important to change the batteries when needed or it may not be able to alert you in time to stop the fire damage.

2. It Needs to Be Cleaned
When dirt or debris gathers in your fire alarm, this can interfere with the device’s ability to function correctly and can cause beeping. Dusting and cleaning the alarm regularly can help prevent this.

3. It Needs to Be Reset
A beeping alarm doesn’t always mean that there is a problem. Electronics can sometimes behave in unintended ways. If the alarm is clean and the batteries are fine, then you may just need to reset the device.

4. It Needs to Be Replaced
If all else fails, it might be time to get a new smoke alarm. Because it helps keep you safe and can alert you to an emergency in time to stop a severe fire and smoke damage, you should always keep your alarm in good condition. Most alarms will need to be replaced at least every ten years.
A fire alarm is an essential part of any building. Keeping yours properly maintained can reduce the need for extensive cleanup and restoration services in the event of an emergency. If yours is continuously beeping, there are several potential reasons for this. Checking for these issues can restore the peace and quiet in your home while keeping your family safe.

Stay Safe in the Kitchen

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

Testing a smoke alarm Test your smoke alarms.

Did you know that the winter times are the times when most home cooking fires happen? Give the firefighters in Webster Groves, MO, a break, and make some plans to keep your family safe from fire damage.

Top Ten Kitchen Tips for Fire Safety

Additional people and extra cooking mean you have more risk than normal, so it’s a good time to make sure you are extra careful in the kitchen. Take some time before everyone arrives to prepare the kitchen for safety. Here are some kitchen tips:

  1. Test your smoke alarms.

  2. Clean your stove and oven to reduce grease buildup.

  3. Keep kids and pets out of the cooking area, using a physical barrier if necessary.

  4. Cook only when you are alert. Falling asleep with food on the stove is a common way fires start.
  5. Don’t leave the stove unattended while cooking.

  6. Plan to be home as long as it takes to cook your turkey or other large items.

  7. Keep clutter off the kitchen floor so you have plenty of room to move around the cooking area.

  8. Ensure that cords are not hanging where they might be snagged by someone walking by or grabbed by children.

  9. Keep flammable items away from the stove. Make sure your guests aren’t using the stove as a landing pad for food packages, paper towels, or oven mitts.

  10. Don't put out a grease fire with water. Use a lid and turn off the heat.

You can really help reduce risks and keep your family safe by following these simple tips. Most of this advice comes down to staying alert in the kitchen.

If you need help to clean up after a fire, count on a fire damage specialist to get you through it. Unlike most contractors, these professionals deal specifically with fire recovery and can guide you through cleanup, repairs, and care for your personal belongings.

5 Things To Consider About Pet Safety

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Pomeranian dressed as firefighter Consider pet safety if a fire occurs in your home

Here Are Five Things To Do For Your Pet's Safety

During a fire emergency, people may panic, trying to determine the proper steps to survive. The focus should be on getting out. After all, a fire restoration company in Marlborough, MO, can tend to valuables. They cannot bring back lives. Homeowners, therefore, should consider how to safeguard people and pets, giving everyone their best chance. 

1. Have Paperwork Readily Available
If you must leave the property because of impending threat of fire, you should have your animal's records handy. This is the first step of pet preparation. Include any health paperwork or ownership data. Much like you'd bring your social security and license, these papers assist in showing proof of ownership as well as vaccinations.

2. Create an Emergency To-Go Box
People should have water and food. Animals require the same during fire emergency. Keep a tote filled with a bag of food, a galloon of water and a blanket. If you must load up the car and go, this may be tossed into the trunk. You won't have to search for anything in stores.

3. Train Them To Come on Command
If sparks are in the residence, physical harm is possible to all. Swift evacuation is encouraged to avoid burns. Rather than hunt down your dog, it's easier to call out, commanding an appearance. Practice this skill often.

4. Be Aware of Places To Stay
Where can you live during this chaotic time? Hotels have pet policies, and some friends may be allergic. Research lodging that accepts animals, or speak with friends who can offer a room. Leaving animals in your car is dangerous. A proactive approach provides you a secure location that is open to you and your furry little guys.

5. Encourage Front Door Resting
A good place for bed beds and crates is by the front door. That way, if homeowners get out quickly, animals are nearby in an evacuation path. This pet safety decision could mean you won't have to rely on firemen to search for them.
Take fire emergency procedures seriously. Be proactive.

How to Use a Fire Extinguisher

10/29/2020 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher instruction labels set. Instruction extinguisher and protection of fire with extinguisher illustration Remember the P.A.S.S. technique

Remember The P.A.S.S Technique

Knowing how to use a fire extinguisher is part of the necessary fire safety measures for your business in Shrewsberry, MO, that also include:

  • Evacuation plans
  • Fire drills
  • Reliable sprinklers
  • Inflammable furnishings

It is common for many businesses to experience a kitchen fire, but if you doubt your ability to put one out using a hand-held extinguisher, remember the P.A.S.S. technique.

Pull the Seal
Extinguishing foam in the extinguisher's canister is secured under pressure by a seal and pin that prevents it from spilling out. Pulling the pin breaks the seal and allows the foam to flow.

Aim Low
The extinguisher has an attached hose through which the foam emits. Always point the hose at the lower part of the flames. Doing so will ensure that you achieve maximum flame coverage and helps prevent the fire from spreading.

Squeeze the Handle
You will notice a handle on the opposite side of the fire extinguisher. Once you establish your aim, squeeze the handle hard to allow the canister's contents to pour out through the nozzle. Remember to aim the nozzle at the lower portion of the flames while you press on the handle.

Sweep Across
While the extinguishing foam emits from the nozzle pointed downward, you can smother the flames by performing a sweeping motion from left to right and back. It is necessary to continue squeezing the handle to ensure a steady flow of foam.

In many cases, these steps will be enough to extinguish a small kitchen fire at your business. If smoldering ambers reignite, aim, squeeze and sweep again.

Putting out a fire can be scary, and if you and your staff can not confidently operate a fire extinguisher, it is necessary to evacuate immediately. Fire can spread quickly, and safety must be the priority.
After a fire damages your business in Shrewsberry, MO, a professional cleaning company's services can restore safe conditions.

Does Your Child Know How To Escape a House Fire?

10/5/2020 (Permalink)

Young mixed race woman in white dress crawls on ground by trees destroyed by wildfire while covered in ashes Crawling out from a fire

Home Fire Safety Information

Most schools in Concord, MO, teach kids safety instructions to use in an emergency, such as creating a family house fire plan. When kids bring home fire safety information from school, take the opportunity to teach them how to call 911 and designate an outdoor meeting spot. Make sure children also know how to exit rooms during a home fire.

Roll Out of Bed
If a fire happens while children are in bed, they should not stand up. During a fire, temperatures can vary by a few hundred degrees between the bed and ceiling. Teach kids how to roll out of bed. First, roll to the edge of the bed until the head is hanging off the side of the bed and facing the floor. Next, reach down to the floor with the hand closest to the side of the bed. Then, gently lower to the floor.

Crawl To the Door
Even young children can learn to crawl to the door if they pretend to be an animal. Drop down on all fours and put forearms on the floor. Keep the nose to the floor just like a dog smelling something on the ground. If the heat is too intense to remain on all fours, slither like a snake with legs flat on the floor, using forearms to pull the body to the door.

Test the Door
Teach the kids safety in exiting the room by testing a closed door. Before opening the door, feel it with the back of a hand. Is it hot? Do not open the door; find another way out. If the door feels cool or slightly warm, put one shoulder against the door and slowly open it. If fire or smoke comes in, close the door, and find another exit.
Giving your kid's safety information, such as a fire escape plan, is important. One resource for planning is the time to plan will empower your children to make good decisions in an emergency in Concord, MO. Keeping the number of a fire restoration company in your phone will ensure it's handy if the need ever arises.

Creating an Effective Fire Escape Plan

7/3/2020 (Permalink)

Emergency exit - fire in the building Make sure to practice escape plans

Creating an Effective Fire Escape Plan

As a manager or business owner, the safety of your staff and customers is likely the primary concern when considering disaster preparation. Typically, a fire escape plan is one of the first things a company will create in anticipation of a potential disaster. If you are unsure of how to craft such a plan, then consider a few tips any fire restoration company in Webster Groves, MO, will likely suggest.

Limit boundaries
Provide options
Use signs and maps

Limit Boundaries
Limiting boundaries and obstacles is of the utmost importance when creating an emergency escape plan. You want to avoid confusion because of the increased difficulty a fire presents to navigating hallways. Smoke can make it almost impossible to see, forcing people to rely on memory, so find exits that are straight and free of clutter and confusion.

Provide Options
One thing most experts agree on for the creation of a fire escape plan is to make sure that every room has more than one possible exit. Fires can move quickly through a facility, and people will often need options to make their way to safety. While offices with doors and windows are easy, interior rooms may present a challenge. Consider contacting the fire department for assistance.

Use Signs and Maps
Since visibility is often diminished during a fire, make sure to use light up exit signs throughout the property. Also, post maps in every hallway to help employees make their way out of the building.

Merely creating a plan is not sufficient. Having exits strategies in place won't help anyone if they are not aware of them. Make sure to practice escape plans with team members and managers. For new employees, give them a map of the building and any fire exits. Keep everyone informed and safe.
A fire escape plan is an essential piece of disaster planning. If you need help designing or assessing your building's current plans, then consider calling the fire department or a fire disaster specialist.

Unoccupied or Vacant Homes Need Additional Insurance

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

Home Destroyed By Fire With Caved In Roof A home fire can be devastating whether it is a full or partial loss

If a home fire happens, people count on their standard homeowner’s insurance policy to cover belongings, the structure, and affected unattached structures. In some cases, it may include temporary housing costs incurred while a fire and smoke damage restoration specialist returns your Crestwood, MO, home back to normal. That policy doesn’t apply if it is arson or a vacant home fire.

When Is Extra Insurance Needed?

If a home has been vacant for 30 days or more, a standard policy likely won’t cover any damage that happens. A vacant home is typically one without any remaining personal property while an unoccupied home still has furniture and utilities turned on. The difference between the two may affect the policy that is needed. Examples of times people should look into getting this additional layer of insurance include:

  • The property is a vacation home only used a few times each year.
  • A new home has been purchased, but you are unable to move into it for more than 30 days.
  • Constant travel keeps you away weeks at a time.
  • Renovations are remodeling are being done, leaving the home temporarily vacant.
  • It is used as a rental and doesn’t have a current tenant.

Why Is It Needed?
An empty home increases the risk potential. If a home fire or vandalism occurs, it usually results in slower emergency response and an enhanced probability of a break-in because no one is inhabiting the property. Without the extra coverage, the homeowner will be required to pay for damages or losses out of pocket. This insurance provides peace of mind that your property is covered, even if you aren’t using it. The insurance is available as a separate policy or endorsement. It’s recommended to work with your insurer to determine the best option for your situation.
A home fire can be devastating whether it is a full or partial loss. Even if you aren’t using a property, ensure you have the coverage you need.

Why Is Your Fire Alarm Chirping at 3AM?

2/28/2020 (Permalink)

Changing battery to a smoke detector You can pull out the battery to silence the alarm

Batteries are like kittens and babies – they like to go out at the worst possible times. When your fire alarm starts chirping in the middle of the night, it’s normal for everyone within earshot to keep hoping someone else will get it, but eventually, you’re probably the one who will have to get up to fix it.
You can pull out the battery to silence the alarm, but this has led to serious fire damage in Shrewsberry, MO. However, there’s a simple trick to avoid this problem entirely.

What Causes Batteries to Go Bad?

There are three main components that impact how soon a battery will wear out:

  • Internal chemistry
  • External weather conditions
  • Misuse

Standard 9 volt batteries such as the type in your smoke alarm produce electricity by the reaction between the internal metals and electrolytes. In theory, the chemicals could last much longer than batteries do, because it’s actually a build-up of hydrogen bubbles inside that cuts off the reaction. Some batteries are made to last considerably longer; a common type is called an alkaline battery.
The other factors that cause battery degradation in a fire alarm are weather conditions and misuse. Using a battery for applications it’s not intended can cause an overvoltage and potentially a fire. Also, extreme heat and cold can significantly impact a battery’s life.

Why Does a Bad Battery Make That Awful Chirping Sound?
It’s not actually an evil plot against sleep – it’s meant to help keep you alive. As a battery loses voltage, it doesn’t function as well, eventually dropping below the nominal required voltage for a device. The beeping in the detector is telling you that it may fail at any time. Once the fire alarm is issuing the warning chirp, the battery should be replaced within 24 hours – if for no other reason than to stop that infernal beeping.
If a faulty alarm causes smoke damage in Shrewsberry, MO, there’s a local fire cleanup and restoration company that has long experience with returning your home to pre-fire conditions. SERVPRO makes it “Like it never even happened.”

How To Safely Clean a Grill in 5 Easy Steps

10/13/2019 (Permalink)

The hands of someone cleaning a grill Cleaning a grill is an important part of maintaining a grill

Keep Your Grill Safely Clean By Following These Five Steps

There are many benefits to practicing consistent grill cleaning all season long in Affton, MO. For one, you will have better-tasting food. Additionally, maintaining your grill is an important step in reducing the risk of a grease fire breaking out. You should always have an extinguisher close by when you grill and know which fire cleanup crew to call. Keep your grill safely clean by following these five steps.

1. Get Prepared

Before you start any grill maintenance, you need to make sure that you have the proper supplies on hand and that the grill is ready to go. You will need a variety of cleaning supplies including a bucket of soapy water, a grill brush, a soft wire brush, and several towels. Check that all dials are switched off and disconnect the gas line.

2. Clean the Grates, Plates, and Drip Pan

Carefully remove the grates and metal plates from the grill and place them in the bucket of soapy water. Detach the drip pan, empty it out, and add it to the bucket. Allow these items to soak for five to ten minutes and then use the grill cleaning brush to scrub. Finish by spraying them off with a hose.

3. Clean the Burners

Completely clean the burners of any ash, grease, or other residues using the grill brush. Using the soft wire brush, make sure to unclog all the burner holes.

4. Clean the Interior of the Grill

Wash all interior surfaces with the soapy water and scrub off any grease and smoke buildup. Next, rinse off all the soap with clean water and use towels to dry.

5. Heat the Grill

Finish grill cleaning by putting all parts back in their proper place. Heat the grill for at least ten minutes before attempting to cook anything.
From better tasting food to a safe fire-free grilling experience, cleaning is an important part of maintaining a grill. Periodically deep clean your grill with these easy steps.

How To Make a Fire Claim

8/2/2019 (Permalink)

Board up home in Concord, MO

How To Make a Fire Claim

As fires become more of a threat, especially in states like California, fire insurance and homeowner’s insurance companies increasingly want to save money when paying out claims. So, it’s very important to follow all the rules laid out by your insurance policy to ensure they do not question your request in Concord, MO, and process your claim in a timely manner.

Call Your Insurance

It’s important that you file the claim immediately, so begin by calling your insurance agent so they can start the process. They will ask you to submit a “proof of loss claim” listing everything you have lost and the value. Details that may be needed include:

  • Date, location, and type of damage
  • Any injuries and other people involved
  • Condition of the home
  • Description of damaged items
  • Any required temporary repairs
  • Police report

It’s incredibly important to stay organized when dealing with your insurance provider. Keep all calls, emails, and other communications in one place, also including receipts, invoices, repair contracts, fire restoration estimates, etc. Be aware that each state has laws requiring insurance companies to act within a certain time frame to handle your case. Get in touch with the Department of Insurance if you have any issues getting a timely response.

Do Not Touch Damage

If your home has only been partially damaged, it’s important that it doesn’t become more damaged, but the physical integrity of that part of the home may be questionable. If you must move undamaged property away from that area, take extra precautions, or hire someone to do an inspection. Remember to keep the bill for the insurance company. While you might be tempted to start smoke cleaning, be confident you won’t cause further damage. A fire restoration company will have a variety of techniques and equipment to do a thorough job.

Board Up Services

Many insurance companies require you to have board-up services done, to guarantee that the property does not endure additional damage, such as from wind, rain, animals, vandals, or thieves. A fire restoration company will come in, assess the damage, and thoroughly seal the home up to the insurance company’s standards, giving you peace of mind that your claim will be processed without any issues.

3 Things to Consider When Estimating Fire Damage

6/28/2019 (Permalink)

In the aftermath of a fire, there is usually considerable damage done to the roof

3 Things to Consider When Estimating Fire Damage

After a fire causes destruction in your commercial building, it can be overwhelming to keep track of all the costs and repairs that need to be done. However, monitoring the damage caused by the incident can help you feel in control during a stressful situation. If you are concerned about how to estimate the fire damage in your Lakeshire, MO, building, the following tips can give you an idea of where to begin.

1. Roof Repair

In the aftermath of a fire, there is usually considerable damage done to the roof. Depending on the severity of your situation, you may have to either repair or replace your roof. In many cases, roofs require emergency tarping in order to recover from the damage and be fully protected from any further harm. Be sure to pay attention to the state of your roof when assessing the damage from your commercial fire.

2. Water Damage

It is likely that flames and smoke aren't the only causes of damage to your commercial building. If firefighters showed up on your property, their efforts to extinguish the fire may have caused excess water to seep into your building. This can lead to water damage costs in addition to the fire damage that you are already dealing with. As you estimate your fire loss, don’t overlook the effects of water damage.

3. Elimination of Debris

If you notice a smoke odor in your building, it is likely caused by the presence of debris. A vital part of the fire restoration process involves removing all traces of debris and eliminating the odor of smoke and fire on your property. When this step is properly taken care of, your commercial building can be one step closer towards a full recovery.
It’s crucial to have your building restored as soon as possible after a fire. Schedule a fire damage assessment immediately to get an estimate of the damage that has targeted your business.

4 Cooking Tips for Preventing a Kitchen Fire

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Kitchen fire in a Webster Groves, MO home

4 Tips You Should Implement to Prevent a Kitchen Fire

Every time you prepare to cook in your kitchen, it is important that you are aware of your surroundings and any potential fire hazards around you. The National Fire Protection Association states that cooking fires are the biggest cause of house fires, and the primary cause of cooking fires is unattended cooking. Here are four tips you should implement to prevent a kitchen fire in your home in Webster Groves, MO.

1. Stay in the Kitchen While Cooking

Never leave the kitchen when food is grilling, frying, boiling, or broiling. Even if you are roasting or baking food in the oven, stay close by and check on it regularly. Never leave the house with the oven or stove on to prevent extensive fire damage.

2. Keep Flammable Objects Off the Stove

Always make sure flammable objects like oven mitts, towels, or food wrappings are off the top of the stove. Even if you’re not using the stove, you can accidentally leave a burner on or the oven might get hot while baking or roasting something.

3. Roll Up Sleeves and Tie Back Hair

One of the most important tips for keeping yourself safe while cooking is to roll up long sleeves and tie back long hair. Also, avoid loose sleeves and other clothing that might get in the way and catch on fire while cooking.

4. Clean Up Grease Right Away

Prevent a grease fire by frequently cleaning oil and grease off your stovetop. If hot grease splatters while you’re cooking, quickly wipe it up.

All of these tips are great ways to prevent a kitchen fire from starting in your home. Remain attentive to your cooking, and act quickly if you see or smell something burning. In the case that a fire does start, be prepared to call 9-1-1 and have the number for fire damage cleanup services posted in your kitchen so you can quickly get the fire put out and cleaned up effectively.

Don’t Panic: Here’s How To Put Out a Grease Fire

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In Affton, MO grease fires can easily get out of hand fast.

How To Put Out a Grease Fire

You’re quickly trying to put together a five star dinner in the kitchen when all of a sudden you start to smell smoke. You realize that you let the oil in the pan get way too hot, and now you have a fire on your hands! In Affton, MO grease fires can easily get out of hand fast. Instead of panicking and watching your house go up in flames until firefighters come to save the day, follow these steps to put it out:

1. Call for Help

At any point, if you feel the fire is quickly getting out of hand, make sure to call 911 and get help right away. It is also a good idea to call in a fire damage repair company who will be able to deal with fire cleanup afterwards.

2. Don’t Reach for Water or a Towel

People often wrongly assume that dumping water on the fire will quickly solve the issue, but this isn’t true when dealing with a grease fire. Also, don’t try to swat away the fire using a towel since this will only make the flames spread.

3. Turn Off the Heat

You’ll have a hard time getting the fire to go down if you allow it access to more heat. Quickly turn your stove off!

4. Cover the Flames

Use a metal lid or other metal object like a cookie sheet to cover up the fire. Oxygen provides fuel to fire, so covering it will keep oxygen away from the flames.

5. Dump Baking Soda or Salt

Both baking soda and salt can help stop a fire in its tracks. While baking soda is fit for smaller fires, salt can be effective on even large fires. Use all that you’ve got to try and smother and absorb the fire.

Hopefully you will never have to deal with a grease fire in the first place, but don’t hesitate to follow these steps if your cooking ever literally goes up in flames!

Fire Damage in Affton  Causes Smoke Residue

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This is a Very Serious House Fire in Affton

If you think that every case of fire damage in Affton is the same, you are sorely uninformed; every instance of fire damage is unique. The wide array of substances and materials within a home or business can result in a variety of different fire sources. Differing fire sources results in differing attention and recovery treatments. We here at SERVPRO would like to educate you on the four primary varieties of fire and smoke damage sources.

1. Smoke Residue from Natural Substances

Materials like paper and wood can easily catch on fire and leave a black and gray residue where the smoke has come into contact with surfaces. This type of fire damage residue can be cleaned by vacuuming and using a dry sponge. You, as the homeowner should not attempt to remove the residue on your own. The .004-micron size of smoke particles allows for seepage into just about any area of your house, including the gaps between floors and walls. While this information may not seem like much to be concerned about, each and every particle carries the strong and recognizable smell of smoke. Left untreated, this smell can cause a persistent problem for residents, guests, and even diminish the value of your home. The thorough removal of smoke particles entails several treatments, including exposure to ozone that a fire damage restoration company like SERVPRO has been doing for years.

2. Smoke Residue from Proteins

Any burnt meat, such as chicken or beef, can leave a greasy mess behind. Treatment of such residue requires training and an in-depth knowledge of specialized cleaning.

3. Smoke Residue from Synthetic Materials

Residue from any plastic or material related to plastics could be dangerous to your health. The residue from the chemical reaction of plastics can smear if not properly handled. Much like dealing with the residue from burnt proteins, cleaning and restoring this sort of residue requires specialized training.

4. Residue from a Malfunctioning Oil Burner

This residue also referred to as "puff back" is the result of a misfiring oil burner that has expelled the ensuing residue throughout the entirety of the house by way of your heating system. Due to the potentially exhaustive level of saturation within your home, it is strongly advised that you contact a professional damage contractor or cleaning company like SERVPRO if your home experiences this issue.

Locally Owned Company with National Resources

As a locally owned and operated business, SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is strategically located to respond quickly to your fire or smoke damage event. 

We are proud to serve our local communities:

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Smart Steps Toward Crestwood Fire Damage Restoration

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Once the fire is over, smoke and soot can actually keep causing damage

Smart Steps Toward Fire Damage Restoration

Crestwood fire damage can be terrible, and you should restore your property right away. Because you have a fire alarm, everyone ended up being safe, but you know have to tend to damaged and burned belongings. Once the fire is over, smoke and soot can actually keep causing damage.

The Beginning Step

You should write down which of your belongings are damaged, and also take pictures. You will be contacting a restoration contractor, like SERVPRO, as well as your insurance company, so you want to have proof. Additionally, you want to be sure about the extent of the damage and exact items that need replacement or restoration. You should try to do this within hours after the fire.

Call your insurance company as soon as you have a clear idea of how much Crestwood fire damage has been done (ideally within a day). If you call them quickly, they can send an insurance adjuster to your office or home more promptly.

Contacting a Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

SERVPRO is certified by the Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, or IICRC. Certified professionals, like SERVPRO, have been properly trained in the most up-to-date restoration technologies and will be have adequate experience. It would be smart to ask for proof of the proper insurance and licensing.

They will collaborate with your insurance company to come up with a restoration plan to restore your property. They will tell your adjuster about the status of your items, and they should be able to store some of your items safely as well throughout the process.

Crestwood fire damage involves not only burning, but potentially water damage from attempts to put out the fire, as well as smoke damage that can permeate the entire house.

Leave It to the Professionals

Trying to clean and restore everything yourself might actually only make things worse. The following actions should be avoided:

• Wiping any absorbent material, such as ceiling tiles or walls

• Reusing smoke damaged upholstery or carpet

• Consuming food items that were exposed to smoke and heat

• Switching on electrical appliances that have not yet been professionally cleaned

The process of restoration can be stressful, but if you are working with SERVPRO, there is every reason to hope for a full recovery.

The Incredible Abilities of Fire Sprinkler Systems

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Smoke and fire damage in a Crestwood, MO commercial property

Fire sprinkler systems are an engineering masterpiece. Whether you already have a sprinkler system in place or you are considering them for an upcoming construction project in Crestwood, MO, here are some facts to help you understand how they work:

  • A fire sprinkler is activated by heat only
  • Smoke does not activate a sprinkler system
  • Only the sprinkler sensing heat will go off
  • Sprinklers connected on the same system do not go off just because one was activated
  • Most of the time, a fire is extinguished with just one sprinkler
  • Sprinklers help save lives by putting out fires
  • Sprinklers allow more time for evacuation by minimizing heat and smoke

How do they work?

When enough heat reaches the fire sprinkler, a tiny glass bulb breaks and releases water. When the bulb breaks, it also removes a plug that allows more water to flow from the connected water supply. They are very effective that often only one sprinkler is activated to stop a fire. Additional sprinklers are not activated unless they detect the right amount of heat, so the system is great at minimizing damage and reducing costs while saving lives.

Are they very costly?

The most cost-effective time to install a fire suppression system is during initial construction, when they only add an average of 2% to the overall cost of construction. Many people also elect to install them during a major remodel, but that cost varies a bit more depending on the building structure. The cost may be offset by discounts in your insurance premiums.

Is the water mess expensive?

Fire sprinkler cleanup is usually more minimal and less costly than recovery from fire damage. A professional restoration company can help mitigate damage from fire, smoke and water. A good company should have a mindset to recover what can be effectively saved, and be skilled in mitigation of fire, smoke and water damage. The right company can manage the entire process of your recovery, helping your people return to work faster.

Consider Using These Alternatives to Candles

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Did you know that candles cause 2 percent of reported home fires? Before you light a candle in your Affton, MO home, you may want to consider using one of these candle alternatives instead. Many of the substitutes leave you with a reduced chance of starting a fire. If a fire does take place in your house, be sure to call a residential fire cleanup team as soon as you can.

• Candle Warmers: A candle warmer uses heat from an electronic or battery-operated base to melt the wax and release the intoxicating scent. This alternative allows you to use the candles you already own without the flame.
• Air Fresheners: If you use these home fragrance products to make your house smell better, you can turn to air fresheners instead. Whether you plug one in or use a gel variety, you can get a great smell without any fire.
• Battery-Operated Candles: Flameless candles offer the flicker you love without the potential danger. You can buy tealights that look like small candles or luminaires that also produce a scent.
• Light Strings: You may think light strings are only suitable for the holidays, but you can use this enchanting string to add ambiance to your space. Candle alternatives in this category may even allow you to use a timer so the product doesn't overheat.
• Diffusers: Essential oil and reed diffusers can be used to release scent into your home. These products help reduce the risk of candle fire because flames aren't used. Reed diffusers don't even require any type of heat or electricity source, which is an added bonus.

Whether you love the light or fragrance produced by candles, there are candle alternatives that are right for you. Homeowners everywhere can find a wide range of products that can either add ambiance, produce a flicker or improve the aroma, which makes the flame of a candle obsolete. Visit for more information on fire damage

Affton Fire Damage - Handling Smoke Damage after a Fire

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A home fire can also leave smoke damage that will need to be cleaned too.

The smoke that lingers after a fire has been put out can be more damaging than you might think. The problem that many homeowners have is that they don't think a fire or smoke damage could ever happen to them. The reality is that home fires are incredibly common, ranging from the very minor to the more major. Despite the fact that a minor fire may not cause a lot of fire damage in Affton, it can still cause smoke damage that is difficult to clean and dangerous to be living around.

Smoke damage that is a direct result of fire damage should ideally be cleaned by experts. Experts know how to get rid of smoke damage that might be present in the home after it has been ravished by flames. You should always look to hire a licensed and highly experienced professional who has extensive experience dealing with fire damage. The professionals will often start by evaluating the overall extent of the fire damage and smoke damage that is present in the home, and then they will go over prices and costs of fire damage remediation for you to get the issue cleaned up by their company.

There are a lot of reasons why handling smoke damage after a fire should be done by experts and as quickly as possible. The smoke that you find after a fire often contains ash, soot and sometimes even carbons and tar that might have come off of the flames. Also, carbon monoxide is incredibly common after fire damage has been exhibited. Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous things because it is odorless and cannot be seen or tasted. Therefore, you may not even know that you are surrounded by carbon monoxide until it has been properly tested. An expert fire damage restoration company will normally test for carbon monoxide levels in a home that has dealt with a fire.

Smoke damage can also be aesthetically damaging. Furniture, walls, ceilings and practically anything in your home can become black or gray from the smoke that has come off from a fire. Many things will need to be professionally cleaned, while other things might have to be fully removed from the home in order to get rid of the problem. Your remediation company will be the one who tells you what can and cannot be saved after you have dealt with massive smoke damage in your own home.

Fires are very common, and even the most minor fire can cause a lot of smoke damage. In fact, some homeowners who have simple fireplaces that are not well-vented could deal with smoke damage without a fire ever being an issue for the home itself. Handling the damage on your own should be avoided simply because of all of the expertise that needs to go into cleaning the mess. Also, you need to have a professional test the home or room for carbon monoxide to ensure that it is going to be safe for you or for them to go in there to clean.

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is locally owned and operated and serves Affton, Webster Groves, Crestwood, Shrewsberry, St. Louis, and the surrounding communities

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves’ fully certified water removal staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home of office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water removal restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation from sewage damage clean up to mold removal. 


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Here Is What You Should Do With Your Electronics After a Fire

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Give SERVPRO a call after fire damage.

One devastating side effect of a fire could be the loss of your possessions. As you try to navigate what the smoke damage might have done to your home in Affton, MO it is often difficult to tell if your electronics, which might look like they survived unscathed, are ready to be used in the aftermath. A fire cleanup service is extremely important. Let professionals guide you to make sure you can avoid another disaster and save as many of your possessions as possible.

1. Make Sure They’re Unplugged

After making absolutely certain you’re safe and it’s okay to do, unplug your appliances. You don’t want to accidentally turn them on, because this might cause a short circuit and it might lead to damage even fire cleanup professionals can’t help with.

2. Don’t Turn Them On

It can be tempting to turn on your electronics after a fire, especially if you use them to connect with friends or family. Turning them on before getting them professionally cleaned by a qualified technician is a bad idea, however, since they might have smoke residue. This, in turn, might cause damage to the device. It might also be hazardous to you.

3. Wipe Them Off

You should never handle electronics that are turned on or plugged in after a fire. If you can make sure your electronics are completely off and unplugged, however, it might be a wise idea to wipe them off with a clean cloth. The sooner you do this, the more likely a device is to survive.

4. Look for Your Warranty Records

Sometimes, it’s impossible for your electronics to recover after a fire. However, your electronics may be covered by their warranty.

Once you’re done, remember to call a professional fire cleanup service. Its agents are there to help your electronics recover from smoke damage and to make the transition back into normal life a little easier for you. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

2 Important Calls To Make After a Fire

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You just had a residential or business fire in Affton, MO. The shock is setting in and you may be at a loss for what to do next. You know that you have to restore your property, and you know that smoke cleaning needs to be done. It is common to be unsure of whom to call. Here is what to do after a fire.

1. Call Insurance Company

If you have fire insurance, your first call should be to the insurance company. The person who is best qualified to talk to you about fire restoration should be your agent. He or she can talk you through what you are going to need from the house to file your claim. Do not touch any of your damaged items until you have made the call. You may need to take pictures. Additionally, if you do not know the extent of structural damage, touching anything on your own is dangerous.

2. Call Restoration Service

Once the fire is out, it is time for the cleanup to begin. Soot damage and water damage can be an issue even if the fire was a small one. Smoke can make its way into air vents, kitchen cupboards, electronics and other hard-to-reach places. Whether you own a home or your own business, you may need to board up your windows until the restoration is complete.

Without the proper equipment or training to clear a building as structurally sound and cleaned of all fire damage, it can be more costly in the end for you to try to restore your building instead of using a restoration service. Equally, a fire is already stressful. You do not have to take care of fire restoration on your own.

Fire restoration is nothing to skimp on after a fire. For most people, the chaos that comes after an event can be difficult to navigate. It is important to know whom to call.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

How To Use a Fire Extinguisher in the Home

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How To Use a Fire Extinguisher in the Home

A fire extinguisher is an essential safety tool in the home. By using this, you can stop fires before they become out of hand, and you can minimize fire damage. However, it is important to know how to use an extinguisher before you come across a fire. With these tips, you can learn how to handle the situation calmly and effectively.

Classifying the Extinguisher

Before you attempt to quench a fire, it’s important to identify the three types of extinguishers.

Class A is used for fires started by wood, clothes, rubber, or paper.
Class B is for fires started by flammable liquid.
Class C is for electrical fires.

Knowing the difference can help you determine how to approach the problem correctly.

Using the Extinguisher

If a fire starts, quickly grab your fire extinguisher and pull the safety pin from the top of the cylinder. Aim the nozzle at the fire and firmly press the trigger. Sweep the nozzle side to side to completely extinguish the fire and minimize fire damage.

Once you have quenched the fire, don’t turn your back until you are positive that you’ve completed the job. If you can’t extinguish the flames, call the fire department in Affton, Missouri and quickly evacuate your home.

Storing Your Extinguisher

The best possible places to put your fire extinguisher are areas where fires are likely to break out. For instance, put the safety tool in your pantry so that you can easily prevent a kitchen fire. Besides a smoke detector, an extinguisher is the best line of defense against accidental fires.

You should put an extinguisher on every level of your house. If a fire starts, you may lose valuable time by running downstairs to grab the extinguisher.

Accidental fires can be contained by properly using your fire extinguisher. By learning how to use this important tool and where to put it, you can fight flames before they get destructively out of hand. Visit for more information on fire damage.

What Should You Know About Fire Disasters?

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What Should You Know About Fire Disasters?

Fire disasters can lead to different forms of fire damages including smoke damage, soot damage, and smoke smell. Commercial fire damage can be caused by fire in business or fire in home. Once you have suffered a commercial fire damage, you will need to hire the services of a restoration company to ensure that there is adequate board up services and fire damage restoration to limit further damages. Cases of fire in business or fire in home comprise a significant percentage of all the losses that businesses and households experience each year.

Steps involved in commercial fire damage restoration
Once you have suffered a fire disaster, you should make an emergence contact to your local commercial fire damage company and inform them of the fire in home or fire in business. Once you make them aware and they respond, they will initiate the commercial fire damage as highlighted below:
i. Documentation of damages: Once you have contacted your local restoration company, you can document the damages as evidence for filling the insurance claim forms. Take pictures of the damages from the fire and record some short videos using your smart phone or camera. You can consider board up activities as a measure to protect your property while waiting for a response from your local restoration company.

ii. Inspection. The first step once the restoration company’s personnel are on site is to carry out an audit of the fire damages. This helps in creating an action plan and determining the necessary tools required for a successful restoration exercise. Here they will determine whether the available board up is adequate to secure your property. Pack out will involve the packaging of your belongings such as furniture, clothing, rugs, shoes, and other belongings such as carpets and curtains that are not completely damaged.

iii. Contact your insurance agent: If you have an insurance policy against fire damages, at this point you can contact your insurance agent of the disaster and arrange so that they can come and conduct a damage assessment. This will make it easy for you to access the claims from your insurance company after a fire damage.

iv. Smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage removal: Smoke damage, smoke smell, and soot damage are the common losses that you will encounter after a fire damage. Vacuuming or dry brushing activities will ensure that you get rid of ash while deodorization will be necessary in ensuring that fire smell is eliminated. Our fire restoration experts will ensure that they use air scrubbers to collect gasses, grease, and particles that might be present in the air.

v. Fire cleanup and repairs: A fire cleanup after a fire damage will help ensure that after the firefighting exercise you collect and dispose all the dirt. A fire cleanup makes it possible to suck up water and dehumidify the air to ensure that you do not experience secondary damage. The restoration company will ensure that minor and major repairs on the windows, roof, and doors as part of the board up exercise.

vi. Restoration: This is the last step in a fire damage restoration. This step might include activities such as reinstalling of water and electricity supply for your home or business. At this point, you can decide to replace some furniture, reorganizing your business equipment, documents, and electronics.

Using professional fire damage restoration from a reputable company will ensure that you can reserve the losses from the disaster as quick as possible and you get on the road to recovery. Fire in home or fire in business can lead to huge financial losses and result in soot damage, smoke smell, and smoke damage that might need deodorization and repainting to address. For a quality fire cleanup experience after a fire in home or fire in business, consider using a reputable company. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Returning Property to a Pre Fire Status

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Returning Property to a Pre Fire Status

When fire does not burn all of your house, a professional commercial fire damage restoration technician can help to save and restore some of your items and home. In the instances of fire destruction, you a restoration company to board up your walls and deal with the smoke damage. The fire damage experts use several techniques to repair the interior of your house and furnishings eventually making your property new again.

How your Restoration Company handles Fire Disaster Cleanup

Your commercial fire damage restoration company operates on the principle that "What the fire fails to char or destroy we can save and restore." The highly-trained fire cleanup contractor recognizes that your house comprises wood, stone, and metal components all of which react to fire differently. The team will board up the missing windows and walls to prevent further damage to the remaining structure. You will need a fire cleanup team that is up to the challenge of fire damage.

The crucial exercise of reclaiming the assets that fire damage almost gutted down follows the following steps:

The safety of your family: You should leave the fire restoration job to the trained fire cleanup technicians who have protective gear and respirators. The restoration staff will test the building structure before getting in. Also, the fire damage team needs to board up the windows and fix tarps on the roof.

Evacuating the incombustible items: The commercial fire damage restoration company have box fans and air movers to ventilate the building structure and evacuate the items that may still be burning and contaminants.

Water removal: If there is any water in the house, the team will extract it and then dry the house.

Evaluating the fire and smoke damage: The fire damage restoration company will assess the extent of fire in home or fire in business outlet to determine if there is the chance to restore the walls to the pre fire in home condition or whether the walls need replacement. Sometimes, the fire cleanup team will clean the soot damage to ensure there is no lingering smoke smell, seal, and repaint the walls.

Restoring the surfaces with soot damage: For the surfaces with soot damage or smoke smell, the restoration company will pre-treat the surface using a coat of oil and then clean it to eradicate the smoke odor.

Thorough cleaning process: Using a detergent that removes smoke smell in the right mix ratios, the fire damage restoration company cleans all the areas affected by fire in business.

Home appliances: The fixtures including your tubs, sinks, toilets, window frames, or baseboards might need comprehensive cleaning to eliminate smoke smell.

Complete odor removal: Eventually the restoration company tests the interior house to ascertain the furniture, carpets, ceilings, walls, and all the rooms are free of soot damage.

Tackling the Smoke Damage and Odor Removal

When property owners succeed to put off the fire in home or fire in business houses, the possibility of the smoke smell hanging in the air is quite high. The burning wood, plastics, or textile contribute to smoke damage that is often very difficult to eliminate. Electrical fires can affect the wires and cause a cocktail of sharp and acerbic odor, say commercial fire damage professionals.

To make your house habitable again, the commercial fire damage staff will clear the smoke smell and board up the compromised windows. Fire damage restoration should start as soon as you extinguish the flames. The longer the smoke residue stays in the burned out building, the more the soot damage and odor get absorbed into the surface making it difficult to wipe out. Commercial fire damage staff know that smoke can permeate inside your appliances, closets, vents, ducts, HVAC systems, or cupboards. Whether you had a fire in home or fire in business apartments, a commercial fire damage team can restore your property to the pre-fire status.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Why Homeowners Should Insist on Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Why Homeowners Should Insist on Professional Fire Damage Restoration

The prospect of restoring your property after fire damage can be quite difficult to the average homeowner. Since this is a major operation, you should not attempt to do the job without professional help. Besides the risk of fallen debris during fire damage restoration, the smoke damage can lead to the development of soot that can cause some complications. The specialists who deal with commercial fire damage understand the steps that you must take as well as the safety precautions that can avert the problems.

Considering the emotional loss that comes with the fire damage, you might not be in the right frame of mind to deal with the issue. After fire damage in your property, your first thought will be to embark on the fire cleanup. However, you must be careful since the fire cleanup is quite a risky process.

A professional restoration service will take some precautions that include installing some props during the board up. While repairing the roof or when dealing with soot damage, you should anticipate the danger of falling objects. There is always a risk of injury while working on the board up, meaning that you need a professional that has the equipment and tools necessary to avoid such dangers. Even if you have the necessary tools, you might not have the necessary expertise to undertake the operation without injuring yourself.

The fire will leave a black discoloration on the walls and floors. This soot can be dangerous to the family members as well as the technicians. While addressing the soot damage, it is necessary for the family to vacate the site to avoid such problems. Removing the soot from the floors and walls is a difficult task since the soot has some oily substances that adhere to these surfaces. Instead of using water and a rug, you need a proper cleaning agent such as the trisodium phosphate cleaner to get rid of the soot damage. A professional who deals with restoration understands how to mix the cleaning agent with other solutions to escalate the process of grease removal.

Be sure to observe the safety precautions during board up since it can be a risky process during the commercial fire damage repair. With the help of a commercial fire damage consultant, you can minimize the risks during the board up process. Before you start getting rid of the smoke smell, you must get clearance from the firefighting team. While the chance of starting another fire in the structure is minimal, there are lots of toxic chemicals in the air that you need to consider. Fire damage restoration involves dealing with the chemicals too. You need a restoration company since chemicals such as drugs, pesticides, and fertilizers can produce some harmful smoke smell once they burn. Since these chemicals can be corrosive, ensure that you do not embark on the smoke or soot damage restoration without the help of a professional fire damage consultant.

When handling the smoke damage after a fire in home building materials, commercial fire damage consultants understand that getting rid of the poisonous substances can be difficult. If you have some acidic substances in your home, you are at risk of secondary burns after a fire in home floors or walls. As such, a kitchen is a risky place that you should approach with care after a fire in home cabinets and other storage facilities. Liquor can also be flammable, meaning that a fire in home storage cabinets can lead to secondary burns or corrosion. After a fire in home kitchens, a professional restoration company will take the precautions to prevent such dangers. After a fire in business garages, materials such as paints, spirits, and thinners can have some negative consequences if you touch them with the bare hands.

When dealing with the fire in business basements, commercial fire damage companies should insist on the protective gear. As you clean up after a fire in business premises, be sure to wear some heavy-duty gloves to protect your hands. The workers who undertake the fire cleanup after a fire in business floors and carpets mist protect their feet from the sharp nails. The fire in business roofs might expose the premises to the elements such as rain and wind. Before the restoration company embarks on the job, they should repair the outer envelope that might have been caused by the fire in business ceilings. A commercial fire damage restoration company can handle the smoke smell and undertake the board up.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

Restoring Your Home or Business After Fire Damage

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Restoring Your Home or Business After Fire Damage

When a home or business has been ravaged by residential or commercial fire damage, at first the recovery process may appear to be an insurmountable task. The initial devastation caused by commercial fire damage or residential fire damage can vary. Not only does the damage to the interior, exterior and surrounding property, along with the potential displacement of those living in the home, or the employees working in the building, produce a cacophony of emotions, it can also create a whirlwind of stress, change, and unexpected decisions.

There will be the fire damage with which to contend, but there are also the elements of soot damage and smoke damage that can wreak just as much havoc on a home or business, and the furniture, personal effects, and equipment within them, as the actual fire does. As the smoke billows and the soot settles, they both tend to reach out much further than the fiery flames from which they were spawned.

In addition to the soot, smoke and fire damage, water damage may be cause for concern, as well. Due to the firefighter's necessary, but extensive, use of water to extinguish flames, there may be a great deal of water damage that must be addressed in your home or business. The aspects of residential or commercial fire damage may be more complex than they initially seem to be.

The cleanup after fire damage is substantial, but the process utilized by professionals that are experienced in fire damage restoration is straightforward. The first step in fire damage restoration after a fire in a home or a fire in a business is contacting a company with a team of employees well-trained in fire damage restoration. Someone will come out to the property, inspect the area, and assess the amount of fire damage. They will determine the specific fire cleanup process for your home or business.

The next step taken, if it is needed, is boarding up any areas exposed to the elements and placing a tarp over any damaged roof areas. After the immediate needs are attended, additional fire cleanup will commence.

Before tending to the soot damage and smoke damage resulting from a fire in a home or a fire in a business, water damage concerns will be addressed. Once any standing water is removed, dehumidifiers and fans will be brought in to speed up the drying process.

Following the water removal portion of fire cleanup, the next step will include the removal of soot damage and smoke damage from all surfaces. Soot and smoke damage can seep into walls, grout, counter tops, cabinetry, and ceilings. Smoke and soot damage from a fire in a home or a fire in a business can be removed by a fire damage restoration company using specialized equipment and techniques.

A universal concern following a fire in a home or a fire in a business is a lingering smoke smell. Getting rid of the smoke smell is no easy task, but experienced professionals are well-versed in what products and techniques are required to rid your home or business of a smoke smell. The smoke smell will not continue to permeate the air after residential or commercial fire damage restoration has been properly performed.

After the water, smoke, and soot damage has been removed, the home or business will be thoroughly cleansed and sanitized using industrial-strength products. Once fire cleanup has been completed, the property, as well as all salvageable belongings and equipment, should be restored back to their condition prior to receiving residential or commercial fire damage.

The task of fire restoration may seem arduous, but it is of the utmost importance that the cleanup be tackled as quickly and efficiently as possible. Damage only worsens the longer it is left unattended. During this process, teaming up with an experienced company is highly recommended. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Getting Help After A Fire

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Getting Help After A Fire

Fire damage may make it unsafe to live in that premises in case of fire in home or fire in business. There will be commercial fire damage too. Besides, the air quality gets impacted for a long time. Hence help is required to stay somewhere else and even for food and clothing. It is best to listen to the officials as they can ascertain soot damage and smoke damage in a better way. They will check for air quality, and look at fire damage before suggesting when to return after fire cleanup.

A fire loss can also lead to bad air quality that can cause a lot of health problems. Hence people should visit their doctor after a fire in home or fire in the office. This is more important than looking at fire damage only. This is more important than ascertaining any commercial fire damage.

A fire in home or fire in business is bad. But the fire cleanup can be frustrating too. It is important to remain as calm as possible while ascertaining fire loss, soot damage as well as smoke damage. It is best not to panic while looking at commercial fire damage. Get help from people as it can take a long time for the fire cleanup to get completed. Besides, the air quality gets impacted too.

Staying calm is important as panic can cause more problems than just dealing with the cleaning after soot damage or smoke damage. Ask people to volunteer for fire cleanup. This helps to ascertain fire damage too.

It is best to take care, so that fire in home or fire in business does not happen. This means not leaving cooking stoves or fireplaces unattended. Electrical products should not be faulty, and smoking should be done carefully. It is impossible to ascertain the complete fire loss as it is emotional too.

Besides the soot damage and smoke damage to property and other items, there are terrifying effects on children and pets. This is bigger than any fire loss. The bad air quality impacts them too. Hence they have to be comforted after doing fire cleanup.

In the case of fire in home or fire in business, people get to safety first and then try to save their precious items like money and insurance papers. Based on the fire damage, next step is to find shelter, food, water, and money immediately.

Hence fire loss includes disrupting the family routine in case of fire in a home. Business gets impacted in case of fire in business. Commercial fire damage may take long to assess and get back to normal. The impact of soot damage and smoke damage also lasts for long.

Losing home or business can lead to depression. Bad air quality will elevate these levels of distress. Hence fire cleanup is urgent especially in the case of commercial fire damage.

This means that it is impossible to get through without getting help from friends, family, neighbors or even authorities. The impact lasts long, but courage and patience will help here. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Coping With Fire Damage Loss

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Coping With Fire Damage Loss

Fire in home or fire in business can be among the most destructive disasters that can ever occur. Fire loss leads to grief. This can be due to commercial fire damage and the sudden loss of belongings due to fire loss. The shock will be the first stage here as no one expects it to happen.

Shock is because the extent of fire damage is difficult to understand. It gets clear only during fire cleanup. Besides, the impact of air quality is also difficult to ascertain. The full extent of soot damage and smoke damage comes much later. Commercial fire damage can be assessed immediately.

Next stage is anger followed by depression. This can affect a person’s energy level as well as appetite. It gets further aggravated by poor air quality. Rather than giving in to these emotions, it is important to accept and focus on fire cleanup. It is important to salvage as much as possible from soot damage and smoke damage. Next step is to work on the commercial fire damage.

There would be clothing which may look alright, but they may be full of smoke and give out a burnt odor. Get them dry cleaned or just throw them away. In the case of fire in home or fire in the office, there would be a bad odor in the air. Hence take care of air quality immediately. This can impact health. It is best to take professional help here to assess fire damage correctly.

Any fire loss means taking extra care of personal hygiene. This means getting as much rest as possible as fire cleanup is a demanding exercise. It is important to eat full, regular meals in order to stay healthy. Soot damage and smoke damage can lead to breathing problems. This means that exercise and deep breathing must be done. Meditation will help to relieve stress. This is because a fire in business means extra concern regarding cash flow.

Assessing commercial fire damage takes time. Meanwhile, continue with small decisions to regain control of finances. Talk to a counselor about the fire loss. This will help to cope better. Doing fire cleanup is physically and emotionally taxing. Hence get a professional to help in fire damage restoration as well as for any repair services. Take their help to restore air quality. It is important to react quickly to a fire in home or fire in business. This helps to assess fire loss. It can help in salvaging items from soot damage or smoke damage.

Fire damage is physical as well as emotional. Hence physical health must be maintained well so that emotional healing is faster. Any fire in home or fire in business will impact resources as well as emotions too.

Do note that fire damage is short-term as well as long-term. Hence commercial fire damage will always be long term. Whether it is a fire in home or fire in business, these damages will not go away soon. Even the impact of soot damage or smoke damage lasts long. It affects air quality too. All this must be kept in mind while doing fire cleanup. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Dealing with a Fire Loss In Affton and Webster Groves, MO

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A fire damage in Affton MO is one of the worst things that may happen to a homeowner, and anyone who is interested in recovering their home from a disaster must begin the fire cleanup process as soon as possible. There are smoke and soot issues that must be handled by a professional, and the process may take some time to complete in the Affton and Webster Groves Missouri area. This article explains how someone may partake in the services that are offered by the fire clean up service.

#1: What Happens During A Fire?

The fire that occurs in the house will send fire damage to each part of the home in the form of soot or smoke. There are quite a few homeowners who will experience smoke damage and soot damage that they will not understand, and they must ensure they have dealt with the problem before they move back into the home.

Water damage from fire is particularly bad because it will cause mold in the house that presents a new set of problems for the homeowner. The process must begin with a company that does this work every day, and they must be allowed enough time to work out how they will remove all visible damage from the home. Air quality in the house will drop, and anyone who lives in the Webster Groves MO area will have a difficult time with the quality of the air when they are battling weather in the region at the same time.

#2: The Fire Cleanup

Water damage from fire, smoke damage and soot damage must be cleaned systematically from the top of the house to the bottom, and those who do the work must ensure they have cleaned the space properly before allowing homeowners back into the space. The space is not safe to use until all traces of the fire have been removed, and the homeowner must be allowed to check every step of the process. They must be pleased that the home has been cleaned well, and they must see the tests done to check the quality of the air.

#3: Rebuilding

The rebuilding process is quite important as it will seal up the house after major damage has been done. Someone who needs quite a lot of carpentry work done will find it simpler to clean the house once it has been repaired, and the homeowners must ask about cleaning behind the walls and behind repairs. The remediation company must ensure they have taken out all remnants of the fire, and they will begin to repair damage that was sustained when the fire passed through the house.

#4: Testing Air Quality

Special tests may be done to ensure the air in the home is safe to breathe, and each test will tell the homeowner how good the air is. There may be tests taken after repairs have been completed, and the company may come back to clean the air ducts or other parts of the house that are harboring debris that may cause trouble for the homeowner. Someone who is using the restoration service will find there are many parts of the house that are still filled with the debris created by the fire. The company will continue to clean up everything, and they will test the air until they are pleased with the results they see.

#5: The Repair Process

The repair process may begin in an emergency when the homeowner calls the company for help, and they will come out at any time to repair the home. They will ensure they have a large crew arrive at the home, and they will begin by stopping the fire from causing more damage. They will begin to take out all the water that was used to put out the fire, and they will show the homeowner how they plan to clean up the space.

There is a plan of action that is used when the fire has occurred, and the restoration company will get to work at once. They must move quickly before more weather passes into the area, and they must continue to clean until the homeowner is pleased with the results. The purpose of their service is to bring the house back to its original condition, and the owner will gain a bit of value in the house as it will be in pristine condition after it has been repaired.

#6: Future Repairs

The restoration company will back up all the work they have done, and they will offer the homeowner a list of things that may be fixed when they return. The company will come out to the house to complete repairs when needed, and they will talk with the homeowner about repairs that are believed to be necessary. They will patch up problems that may not have been noticed the first time, and they may find an issue that is tied to the repairs they did the first time around.

#7: Waterproofing

The waterproofing process is important to avoid any fires or floods in the future. The company will ensure the home is protected against all things that may happen when mother nature gets out of control, and they will recommend services that ensure the family is protected when there is a fire or a storm. Fires and floods may happen at any time, and there are many times when the waterproofing and weatherproofing will save the home. The home will not be in such a poor condition because it was not damaged by the fire or water, and someone who has invested in the process will see their home improve.

The home will return to its former glory, and the homeowner will find it quite simple to ensure they have prepared their home for the next storm pattern. It is quite simple to call someone for assistance, and the company will ensure they have cleaned up everything that happened when the fire started in the house in their part of Missouri. Visit for more information on fire loss and restoration.

Handling A Fire Loss In Affton, MO

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Handling A Fire Loss In Affton, MO

Experiencing a fire in MO is a very frightening experience. Many people in Missouri, especially in Webster Groves, panic when they experience a fire. They need to remember that the first thing they need to do is get to safety, and help their family to do so also. This usually means leaving the home or apartment until help can get there to put out the fire. They should already know what they need to do in case of an emergency, and then proceed to get to the safety that they need.

Fire Damage

When there is a fire in a home or apartment, there will be fire damage. This can be extensive or minimal because it all depends on where the fire originated from, and what is around the cause of it. For most people, the fire damage is extensive, and they will want to report it to their insurance company so that they can help pay for repairs and loss of furniture and items. Things to remember about the damage:

·        It can be costly. Contact insurance company for the home or apartment right away to see if it is covered under the policy.

·        Do not eat food that has been contaminated. Throw it away.

Water Damage From Fire

There can also be water damage from fire that will create other problems for homeowners and apartment dwellers. The water damage from fire may include the onset of mold in the living areas of the unit. This will need to be dealt with as soon as possible so that the people don’t get health problems from it. Here are some things for people to remember about water damage when they experience a fire:

·        Drinking water should be avoided. Go to the store and get bottled water for drinking.

·        The water should not be used for showers or brushing teeth until authorities say that it is ok to do so. They will let the homeowner or apartment renter know when that will be.

Smoke Damage

Where there is fire, there is always smoke. The damage can be extensive, and it will seep into clothing and other items in the unit. With the smoke having permeated the area, there will need to be a full cleaning to rid the area of dangerous fumes that can cause health ailments. Smoke damage can be bad, so here are the points people need to keep in mind.

·        Clothing will have damage to them, and they might need to be thrown away. All clothing should be professionally cleaned.

·        Counter space will have smoke damage. Remodeling may be taken care of through an insurance company, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

·        The furniture and other items may be ruined. In some cases, it can be cleaned by a professional, but not in all cases, and it may need to be thrown out.

Soot Damage

There will also be soot damage. Soot falls from the ashes during a fire. Depending on how bad the damage is, a person may need to call in professionals to clean the soot up so it doesn’t get on everything else in the vicinity. Here are some things to remember about soot damage:

·        Soot is unsightly, and it can be sticky to the touch. The carpeting may need to be replaced, and this should be checked to see if it is covered under the insurance.

·        The air can be contaminated by this problem by particles that go up someone’s nostrils. People need to listen to the authorities about what to do when they experience a fire, and proceed accordingly.

Air Quality

When there is a fire, the authorities will check for air quality problems, and they will not let people back into the unit until it is safe to do so. Knowing this, people that are worried about the quality of air after a fire will be relieved. They may need to stay at a friends, relatives or hotel until the air quality improves. People should remember to do the following:

·        Allow authorities to test for the quality of air after a fire, and stay out of the way so that they can do their job. Listen to what they say.

·        Contact friends or relatives for a place to stay if the quality of air is bad. Stay in a hotel if all else fails, and in most cases, the insurance will cover this cost..

·        Do not return to the unit until told to do so by the authorities. They will check to make sure the quality of air is good for habitation once again, and allow the inhabitants to return.

Fire Cleanup

Fire cleanup can be very frustrating for many people that experience a fire. They should call upon neighbors, friends and relatives to assist them in the following days, months and in some cases, years. Most people will gladly assist in any way that they can. With the cleanup, here are some tips that people can use to make it easier.

·        Remain calm, and do not panic. It can take days, months or years to clean up after a fire.

·        Call upon neighbors, friends and relatives. They will usually help in many ways, even if they just bring something over for dinner.

·        Utilize free services if they are available. People can look these up online, or they can ask the authorities for a list of services that are available to help with the cleaning that is needed after a fire.

·        They may receive donations from a number of sources. People will want to be grateful for any donations that they receive.

In Webster Groves, Affton, MO, a person can be assured that there is help for them when they need it. In Affton, Missouri, there are people that can assist with a fire, and help people to move on from a very troubling period in their lives. They will move on with the help of other people in the area, and in the process make several friends they never would have before. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Outdoor Kitchen Fire Damage In Your Lakeshire Backyard

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SERVPRO Says Lakeshire Outdoor Grills Can Cause Fire Damage

Fire Pits and Flames Can Lead to Devastating Damage

LakeshirJust because your wood fired masonry pizza oven or expansive gas grill are out under the stars doesn’t mean the chef can be inattentive. When cooking outdoors is taken a little too casually your outdoor kitchen can spark devastating fire damage traceable to any of your alfresco appliances. Your investment in a high-end outdoor kitchen makes the destruction of any part of it a serious problem, both safety and finances involved in the equation. SERVPRO is ready to help you recover from fire damage regardless of the source or site of the blaze. Our crews of trained and experienced fire restorers would take on your outdoor cooking fiasco with the same professionalism shown you if your house suffered from a kitchen fire.
Fire damage in your Lakeshire backyard kitchen can be a danger to your home as well. If intake vents for your HVAC system were open and operated nearby when the turkey fryer overflowed or the steak went from medium-well to burnt, smoke and soot from the outdoor fire could be pulled throughout your home via ductwork. Open windows can also share the smell and dirty residue from one end of your house to the other. Tables, chairs, or umbrellas that went up in smoke and were near a main house roof overhang could ignite that part of the primary structure, imperiling your home. Cords of wood stored against the wall of your dwelling waiting for the fire pit or oven will damage your house if logs begin burning. Nearby garages or other outbuildings can also fall victim to the outdoor kitchen fire. If they are nearby or if the wind is blowing in the right direction and there is any fuel, including gardens and grass, linking the structures, they are fair game to join in the devastation.
Once the flames are quelled, our technicians will assess damage both outside and inside your home and ancillary buildings. SERVPRO has the equipment and products to clean soot and grease from the handcrafted brick and mortar of ovens and grill surrounds. We will work hard to restore rather than replace, our goal being the return of your rustic or super-modern outdoor kitchen. As always we will help you work with your insurance for coverage of this somewhat unusual type of fire and will leave you with a restored outdoor cooking space and a list of tips to prevent this catastrophe from recurring. Our services would extend to the interior of your home or other buildings if they were damaged as well.
SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves makes no distinction as to the location of a fire on your property. If any area has fire damage call (314) 638-7749 to start the process of restoration and recovery.

Professional Fire Damage Recovery Services In Webster Groves

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Never plug too appliances or fixtures into the same circuits and limit the use of extension cords throughout your home.

Fire Damage Recovery Services

Through advanced planning and implementation, you can easily use a variety of proven ways to assist in preventing and surviving a fire in your home. Make sure that you and your family are prepared to handle this sort of situation, keep everyone safe and avoid significant damages with a little preparation. Between the Firefighters and our expertly trained restoration staff, we have the fire damage recovery of your Webster Groves home covered. We've prepared for instances such as this, where things get out of control and become something that needs to be handled by professional technicians to restore your home to working order.

Our expertly trained SERVPRO technicians recommend that you help with the prevention of electrical fires by shutting off and unplugging unused appliances or fixtures. Never plug too many of these items into the same circuits and limit the use of extension cords throughout your home. Having to plug something in, to use it, is a small inconvenience and a fire hazard that you just do not need.

Maintaining safety while heating your home is critical. At SERVPRO we have seen, first hand, the damage that improperly using a portable heater can cause. Make sure that you never use electric space heaters in or around heavy moisture areas such as bathrooms and refrain from drying or storing objects on top of your heaters. Always keep heaters at least a three feet away from any items that may catch fire.

At SERVPRO we've also seen how unattended stoves or ovens can cause fires; remaining vigilant and using the proper equipment is essential to maintaining a safe cooking environment. Never wear loose-fitting clothing while you are cooking and if a fire catches in a pan your first reaction should be to put a lid on the pan as fast as possible. Always heat cooking oil gradually and never throw water on a grease fire.

There are plenty of affordable home fire suppression systems that are available to you to assist with increasing your chances of surviving a fire. While also lowering your insurance costs and increasing the value of your property significantly. Keep yourselves safe by increasing fire awareness within your home and make it a point to learn home fire safety drills to make sure that your family knows the best course of action to take during these types of emergencies.

The professionally trained staff at SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves is here to assist you with your fire damage restoration needs. Please don't hesitate to call 24/7, we're always available - (314) 638-7749.

Degrees of Fire Damage in Crestwood MO

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Smoke Detector in Your Crestwood Home May Prevent Damage

SERVPRO Can Restore Most Levels of Fire Damage

The words 'house fire' send chills through homeowner. At best, they mean extensive cleaning, costs and time spent with insurance adjusters. At worst, it means a total loss of home and property, perhaps even loss of life as well.

Fortunately, most fire damage in Crestwood MO and across the nation falls into much less catastrophic categories. Smoke and fire alarms are very effective today and much of the damage results from smoke and the water used to extinguish a fire. Over our decades of experience, SERVPRO has divided the damage into three categories; minor, medium and major.

Minor - Basically, this is light to a moderate smoke residue. Cleaning and restoration may involve dry and/or wet cleaning of ceilings, floors, and walls. Only a few areas may need repainting. In most cases, property removed from rooms with this level of damage can be cleaned and returned.

Medium - Smoke residue here is at least moderate, and more surfaces will require wet cleaning to remove it. More rooms will need to be repainted, and floors may have to be refinished. Heat damage will be more prevalent at this level and may be visible on structural items such as drywall and cabinets. Smoke odors are more pervasive in this category, and additional deodorization may be needed. Property removed from rooms with this level of damage may not be cleanable.

Major - Damage near the source of the fire is severe. The structure (wood framing for example) itself may be charred, requiring repair and replacement. The smoke residue is found through the majority of the structure. Smoke odors are strong and pungent. Restoration will require extensive cleaning and deodorization. Property removed from a fire of this intensity will have to be removed and disposed of; very little will be salvageable.

At this level of damage emergency services, such as boarding up the structure to prevent secondary loss to the weather and establishing a source of electricity will be needed. It may also be necessary to reduce the smoke odor to make the air safe before our restoration crew can begin work.

Despite all of this doom and gloom, restoring your home from a fire is possible; even if the damage is severe. At SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves, we have expertly trained personnel and decades of experience in the business to return you and your home back to normal. Call us today at (314) 638-7749 to get started.