Why SERVPRO Photo Gallery

Wood panel with SERVPRO logo.


SERVPRO takes great pride in being a full-service solution to our clients. Our technicians take it from start to finish. We are your one stop shop for all restoration and reconstruction needs. (314) 638-7749

Man with golden retriever.

Dog Sitting

Uncle Gerard was on dog sitting duty while Kelly our Sales/Markerting Manager attended meetings today. Look how happy Sparky is to visit the office! SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is a dog friendly family! 

Two women in sparkly dresses.

Missouri Athletic Club

We had a wonderful time at the Missouri Athletic Club Preservation Foundation Ball this weekend! The ball was raising money for the MAC! SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves loves diving into its community and making connections. 

Large green SERVPRO vans.

How the Pros Respond to Disasters

Fortunately, professional cleanup companies have the skill and experience to help you with disaster recovery in even the worst situations. When you need a quick response and reliable service, contact a specialist. 

Green Dehumidifier up against a brown paneled wall.

Works for you

If water damage is extensive enough to warrant a claim, you will want to contact a professional restoration company. It's always beneficial to find a restoration company that works with your insurance for you, like SERVPRO of Affton Webster Groves!

Mold in an attic space.

Fluffy Mold

Obviously, this is an overgrown patch of mold that had been left up in this attic space. Our team has many years of experience that can handle cleaning any size or type of mold damage.

White wall cracked with brown dirt, and black mold.

Understanding Mold and Our Remediation Process

Basement water leaks can easily go unnoticed. Don't let this be you. Mold begins to grow after 48 hours of standing water sitting. Call your local professionals today, let us take it off your hands! (314) 638-7749

Enough equipment to handle any size loss

SERVPRO has enough equipment to handle any size loss in the regional area. We have the right equipment to handle any fire, water or mold loss. If you have questions about what we can do, feel free to reach out at anytime. 

Have you been to our warehouse?

Have you visited our warehouse? It is state of the art and one of the top choices if you need content and other materials cleaned. Our team is always here to help, around the clock, 365 days a year. 

Always here to serve!

Our team is the premier choice when it comes to water damage restoration in the local area. We are quick to respond and make sure you are taken care of from start to finish. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out at anytime. 

Office affected with Mold damage from water

This is the after picture of water damage that wasn't dried quickly and mold began to grow from moisture.  SERVPRO has equipment for cleaning and tear out of affected area to prep for new conditions. 

Mold after Water Damage on Wall

Mold can quickly grow when water is present.  The picture shows mold growing after water damage to dry wall.  SERVPRO can tear out drywall and begin the drying process.  The team is trained with professional mold cleaning techniques to ensure your home safe from mold. 

Mold in a Lakeshire Home

Water leaks usually lead to mold growth and damage. In this Lakeshire home, the moisture coupled with the food sources of wood and cardboard from the drywall encouraged these fungi to growth. We cut out the infested materials before we could complete the mold remediation.

Crestwood Basement and Mold

The homeowners' dehumidifier stopped working, and the moisture accumulation led to a patch of mold growth. It was not too large, but it rendered this portion of drywall non-salvageable. We cut this out, applied an anti-fungal agent to the opened up area, and returned the following day to install a new piece of drywall.

Mold in Webster Groves

A poorly seated commode led to seepage that affected the baseboards and linoleum flooring of this bathroom. We reset the toilet with new wax, removed the water and moisture, and most importantly, we then sanitized the small area against microorganisms.

Removal of Mold Infested Insulation

A garage had been under attack by a mold for some time when the owner decided to call in a professional company to solve the issue. Mold remediation in Crestwood can vary widely from structure to structure. The attic crawl space insulation was damp and allowed for the proliferation of mold growth that gave off that musty odor, warning the proprietors of a problem. Wearing EPA certified clothing and gear and utilizing HEPA filtration vacuums, the removal was safely accomplished and the debris discarded in accordance with local codes. The attic space was then treated with chemicals to both sanitize and disinfect the timbers before new insulation was installed. A small leak in the roof provided for the entrance of sufficient water to fuel the mold growth. This was repaired. SERVPRO of Affton / Webster Groves can provide safe and effective mold remediation.