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Why Does This House Smell Moldy?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Why Does This House Smell Moldy?

You know that smell. That musty odor can be the first clue to alert you that mold is growing somewhere in your Affton, Missouri house. When you smell mold, it means you may be inhaling mold spores or a toxic compound often referred to as a mycotoxin. Since mold can begin to grow as quickly as 24-48 hours after a flood or other event that moves water into areas not traditionally designed for wetness or dampness, immediate mold remediation efforts may be required.

Hidden Mold

When you can smell mold, discolored surfaces can signal mold growth. Hard materials that feel soft or crumble into pieces may also be indications of mold. Common hidden moldy regions can include:

Ceiling tiles after roof leaks
Cabinets or crawl spaces that house leaky pipes
Shower curtains
Air ducts and vents
Basements with water seeping into the structure

Odor Control

During periods of growth, many types of mold produce a gas called a Microbial Volatile Organic Compound (MVOC). While air freshening sprays and cleaning products may cover up the moldy smell, to eliminate the smell rather masking it, the source of water must be removed from the structure. Mold can continue to grow and expand onto new surfaces by emitting spores that float airborne until they encounter a new host surface.

Remediation Options

There are several methods for removing mycotoxin issues from the home, depending on the type of mold that is producing the toxic substances. Options can include:

Bleach with 5% sodium hypochlorite
High levels of heat
Ozone, as long as there are no humans in the house
Activated carbon filters

Professional assistance may be needed for thorough mold remediation and to remove stubborn mycotoxin issues in Affton, Missouri homes. The musty odor can act as an early warning for hidden mold problems that need immediate attention. If left unchecked, mold may continue to grow, leading to more damage and cost in the future.
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