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Handling A Fire Loss In Affton, MO

2/21/2017 (Permalink)

Handling A Fire Loss In Affton, MO

Experiencing a fire in MO is a very frightening experience. Many people in Missouri, especially in Webster Groves, panic when they experience a fire. They need to remember that the first thing they need to do is get to safety, and help their family to do so also. This usually means leaving the home or apartment until help can get there to put out the fire. They should already know what they need to do in case of an emergency, and then proceed to get to the safety that they need.

Fire Damage

When there is a fire in a home or apartment, there will be fire damage. This can be extensive or minimal because it all depends on where the fire originated from, and what is around the cause of it. For most people, the fire damage is extensive, and they will want to report it to their insurance company so that they can help pay for repairs and loss of furniture and items. Things to remember about the damage:

·        It can be costly. Contact insurance company for the home or apartment right away to see if it is covered under the policy.

·        Do not eat food that has been contaminated. Throw it away.

Water Damage From Fire

There can also be water damage from fire that will create other problems for homeowners and apartment dwellers. The water damage from fire may include the onset of mold in the living areas of the unit. This will need to be dealt with as soon as possible so that the people don’t get health problems from it. Here are some things for people to remember about water damage when they experience a fire:

·        Drinking water should be avoided. Go to the store and get bottled water for drinking.

·        The water should not be used for showers or brushing teeth until authorities say that it is ok to do so. They will let the homeowner or apartment renter know when that will be.

Smoke Damage

Where there is fire, there is always smoke. The damage can be extensive, and it will seep into clothing and other items in the unit. With the smoke having permeated the area, there will need to be a full cleaning to rid the area of dangerous fumes that can cause health ailments. Smoke damage can be bad, so here are the points people need to keep in mind.

·        Clothing will have damage to them, and they might need to be thrown away. All clothing should be professionally cleaned.

·        Counter space will have smoke damage. Remodeling may be taken care of through an insurance company, especially in the kitchen and bathroom.

·        The furniture and other items may be ruined. In some cases, it can be cleaned by a professional, but not in all cases, and it may need to be thrown out.

Soot Damage

There will also be soot damage. Soot falls from the ashes during a fire. Depending on how bad the damage is, a person may need to call in professionals to clean the soot up so it doesn’t get on everything else in the vicinity. Here are some things to remember about soot damage:

·        Soot is unsightly, and it can be sticky to the touch. The carpeting may need to be replaced, and this should be checked to see if it is covered under the insurance.

·        The air can be contaminated by this problem by particles that go up someone’s nostrils. People need to listen to the authorities about what to do when they experience a fire, and proceed accordingly.

Air Quality

When there is a fire, the authorities will check for air quality problems, and they will not let people back into the unit until it is safe to do so. Knowing this, people that are worried about the quality of air after a fire will be relieved. They may need to stay at a friends, relatives or hotel until the air quality improves. People should remember to do the following:

·        Allow authorities to test for the quality of air after a fire, and stay out of the way so that they can do their job. Listen to what they say.

·        Contact friends or relatives for a place to stay if the quality of air is bad. Stay in a hotel if all else fails, and in most cases, the insurance will cover this cost..

·        Do not return to the unit until told to do so by the authorities. They will check to make sure the quality of air is good for habitation once again, and allow the inhabitants to return.

Fire Cleanup

Fire cleanup can be very frustrating for many people that experience a fire. They should call upon neighbors, friends and relatives to assist them in the following days, months and in some cases, years. Most people will gladly assist in any way that they can. With the cleanup, here are some tips that people can use to make it easier.

·        Remain calm, and do not panic. It can take days, months or years to clean up after a fire.

·        Call upon neighbors, friends and relatives. They will usually help in many ways, even if they just bring something over for dinner.

·        Utilize free services if they are available. People can look these up online, or they can ask the authorities for a list of services that are available to help with the cleaning that is needed after a fire.

·        They may receive donations from a number of sources. People will want to be grateful for any donations that they receive.

In Webster Groves, Affton, MO, a person can be assured that there is help for them when they need it. In Affton, Missouri, there are people that can assist with a fire, and help people to move on from a very troubling period in their lives. They will move on with the help of other people in the area, and in the process make several friends they never would have before. Visit http://www.SERVPROafftonwebstergroves.com for more information on fire damage.

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