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Steps for business continuation

Maintaining Clients During a Flood A flood can can create a big mess for your commercial building. Here are some tips to stay open for your clients even after f... READ MORE

When should I call a restoration company?

Quick Mitigation is Best Water from a broken pipe does not do as much harm as one would think. However, waiting to call a restoration company can significantly ... READ MORE

Conference Room Offers Water Damage in Affton

A large water supply line broke in the ceiling on this conference center in Affton. The break dumped a volume of water onto the floors and some of the equipment... READ MORE

Webster Grove Commercial Water Damage to a Hotel

When a customer left the water running in his room in this Webster Grove hotel, the overflow affected the corridor commercial grade carpeting. It is a very stro... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in Affton

This large retail store in Affton was water damaged due to a burst water supply line that flowed from a restroom out to the main floor. Our SERVPRO of Affton / ... READ MORE

Oakville water damage to hallway from major storm

After St Louis experienced this incredible storm. St Louis office's and homes alike suffered extensive water damage. We were they’re removing the water 4 hours ... READ MORE