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Category 3 Water Does Not Mean the End of Your Business

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Category 3 Water Does Not Mean the End of Your Business Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage.

Category 3 is the most severe type of water damage a business can suffer in Affton, MO. This water is heavily contaminated by harmful pathogens and toxins. Flood water and toilet overflow are major threats but can be mitigated with proper procedure. Knowing what that procedure is helps you understand what services you should receive.

Cleaning Up the Mess

Black water damage is so serious that it is necessary to consult a trained water recovery specialist. These professionals follow a typical procedure with industry-grade tools:

1. The restoration service evaluates the situation for safety concerns.
2. The water source is identified and remedied if possible.
3. Water is extracted from the carpet and hard surfaces.
4. A biocide is applied to kill dangerous microorganisms.
5. Affected carpet and porous building materials are removed and thrown away.
6. Drying perimeters are established.
7. Air blowers are placed and turned on.
8. The progress is monitored over time while drying.
9. New carpet is installed after the drying is complete.
10. Missing building materials are replaced.
11. A final sanitization and cleaning finishes the procedure before restoration.

Types of Category 3 Water

Category 3 water is extremely unsanitary, with many lurking contaminants. Flood water brings a multitude of impurities from the unclean water source and surrounding areas.

Though a more contained situation than a flood, flooded toilets or sewage line leaks can shut off only a part of your business with black water. The danger of viruses and bacteria is still serious, so these contaminated areas should be avoided without safety equipment.

Be Free of Category 3

The damage can get worse as flood water or sewage lingers. The building’s structure faces more erosion, and more microbes and pathogens grow and multiply as time goes on. However, with fast treatment, the damage to your commercial real estate can be mitigated and restored to a functional state. Visit for more information on commercial water damage

Preparing a Business for an Upcoming Flood

6/15/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparing a Business for an Upcoming Flood Give SERVPRO a call if you experience storm damage.

Flooding caused by a storm or rising water is never welcome, and the damage can be extensive. It is wise to take preventive measures to prepare your business in Affton, MO in case of a natural disaster that may strike your area. The following tips can be very helpful in preparing your business for flood damage or storm damage.

1. Contact your insurance company about obtaining a flood insurance policy. Your business does not have to be located in a flood plain in order for you to qualify for flood insurance coverage. Obtaining this policy well in advance can provide you with peace of mind in case of an incident.

2. Prepare your building for an impending disaster. Walk around your building and consider preventive measures. If your structure has a basement and valuable equipment and furniture are stored in it, consider moving them to a higher level. If you believe a sump pump will be beneficial, purchase one ahead of time.

3. Make backup copies of important documents and store them in a safe location. Any sensitive or necessary documents, such as insurance policies and vendor contact information for example, should be copied and stored away from the business location, in an area that will not be affected by flooding.

4. Create an emergency kit. The kit should contain nonperishable food to last several days, large containers of water, a first-aid kit a battery-powered radio and personal hygiene supplies.

5. Plan an evacuation route. Determine which roads would provide the best route out of the area, as floods may make many local roads impassable.

6. In case of an emergency, prepare to evacuate immediately. If by chance you find yourself caught off-guard and floods are imminent, place sandbags in doors and windows and evacuate immediately. Make sure you have the phone number for a restoration company that can come to your building after the storm and assist with cleanup.

Natural disasters such as flooding can cause catastrophic damage. However, taking preventive measures can give the business owner peace of mind and allow business to return to normal as soon as possible. Visit for more information on storm damage. 

Affton Fire Damage - Handling Smoke Damage after a Fire

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Affton Fire Damage - Handling Smoke Damage after a Fire A home fire can also leave smoke damage that will need to be cleaned too.

The smoke that lingers after a fire has been put out can be more damaging than you might think. The problem that many homeowners have is that they don't think a fire or smoke damage could ever happen to them. The reality is that home fires are incredibly common, ranging from the very minor to the more major. Despite the fact that a minor fire may not cause a lot of fire damage in Affton, it can still cause smoke damage that is difficult to clean and dangerous to be living around.

Smoke damage that is a direct result of fire damage should ideally be cleaned by experts. Experts know how to get rid of smoke damage that might be present in the home after it has been ravished by flames. You should always look to hire a licensed and highly experienced professional who has extensive experience dealing with fire damage. The professionals will often start by evaluating the overall extent of the fire damage and smoke damage that is present in the home, and then they will go over prices and costs of fire damage remediation for you to get the issue cleaned up by their company.

There are a lot of reasons why handling smoke damage after a fire should be done by experts and as quickly as possible. The smoke that you find after a fire often contains ash, soot and sometimes even carbons and tar that might have come off of the flames. Also, carbon monoxide is incredibly common after fire damage has been exhibited. Carbon monoxide is one of the most dangerous things because it is odorless and cannot be seen or tasted. Therefore, you may not even know that you are surrounded by carbon monoxide until it has been properly tested. An expert fire damage restoration company will normally test for carbon monoxide levels in a home that has dealt with a fire.

Smoke damage can also be aesthetically damaging. Furniture, walls, ceilings and practically anything in your home can become black or gray from the smoke that has come off from a fire. Many things will need to be professionally cleaned, while other things might have to be fully removed from the home in order to get rid of the problem. Your remediation company will be the one who tells you what can and cannot be saved after you have dealt with massive smoke damage in your own home.

Fires are very common, and even the most minor fire can cause a lot of smoke damage. In fact, some homeowners who have simple fireplaces that are not well-vented could deal with smoke damage without a fire ever being an issue for the home itself. Handling the damage on your own should be avoided simply because of all of the expertise that needs to go into cleaning the mess. Also, you need to have a professional test the home or room for carbon monoxide to ensure that it is going to be safe for you or for them to go in there to clean.

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is locally owned and operated and serves Affton, Webster Groves, Crestwood, Shrewsberry, St. Louis, and the surrounding communities

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves’ fully certified water removal staff can perform a complete damage assessment to your home of office, and then recommend and follow the industries standards to get your water removal restoration repaired properly available 24 hours a day

SERVPRO of Affton/Webster Groves is a 24/7 emergency water removal & flood clean up repair service company, Our technicians are highly trained and experienced with every water damage situation from sewage damage clean up to mold removal. 


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Crestwood Mold Remediation

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Crestwood Mold Remediation In order to even begin removing a large infestation, the entire affected area must be covered so that even microscopic spores can't escape.

Mold Remediation

Many people are familiar with the damp, musty odor that often lingers within old public spaces like libraries, universities, and government buildings. All too frequently, this common symptom of a potential health hazard is completely disregarded. This particular scent is typically attributed to old books, dust, or poor ventilation, but can also be a sign of a mold infestation within a structure or its heating and air conditioning systems. When mold damage Crestwood is able to invade a building, its inhabitants and sensitive materials face significant risk if it doesn't undergo immediate remediation. 

When Mold Remediation is Necessary

After a fire, floor, or less noticeable incidents such as roof or pipe leaks, homes and public buildings are at risk of developing mold, which thrives in damp environments. Once an infestation begins, mold spores continue to grow and breed until the building is made toxic by their presence. Severe infestations are too great for conventional removal methods and require a specialized process called mold remediation. 

Crestwood mold remediation is used to remove any growth measuring larger than ten square feet. Due to the size of the infestation, specialized tools and techniques are required to treat the contamination delicately, without exacerbating the situation.  

The Process of Mold Remediation

Experienced St. Louis professionals with the proper breathing apparatuses, industrial chemicals, and containment tools are the only individuals who should attempt mold remediation. 

In order to even begin removing a large infestation, the entire affected area must be covered so that even microscopic spores can't escape. Then, by way of a wet vacuum, industrial strength cleansers, and an additional HEPA filtered vacuum, a professional remediation specialist is able to clean the area. In most cases, that same specialist will be able to determine and fix the original source of the invasion, though roof leaks or plumbing problems may require additional help. 

Recovering From the Damage

Severe mold infestations can have lasting consequences in regards to both the people and objects affected by the spores. It is always best to be proactive rather than reactive, but in the unfortunate event of a significant infestation, after the remediation process is complete a specialist will be able to tell what can be salvaged and what must be disposed of. Mold can be disastrous in certain environments, especially ones with a high volume of sensitive materials like books and documents. For this reason, government buildings and libraries must be particularly vigilant.

Three Fire Cleanup Steps: Assess, Dry, Restore

5/29/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Three Fire Cleanup Steps: Assess, Dry, Restore Give SERVPRO a call after commercial fire damage.

Living through a commercial fire may certainly damage your spirit. Nevertheless, swift action is key to recovery. Even though the fire danger has passed, the damage to your items may not have. You’ll want to take the necessary steps to minimize the loss of your valuables and place yourself on track for healing by following a few simple steps. Fire damage is at the forefront, of course. However, as firefighters use a powerful fire hose to extinguish flames, there may be water damage as well.

1. The first step in salvage after a fire is assessing the property. Retrieve insurance documents and all needed paperwork from your insurance company. Evaluate the safety of your business, alongside an expert from a reputable fire restoration company in Affton, MO. Do not attempt to move items or access any unsafe areas of your establishment. Take inventory of your destroyed or damaged items.

2. To prevent the growth of mold, begin the drying out phase. A licensed and insured restoration company in Affton, MO should have specialized tools to remove the excess water and minimize water damage. As different items tolerate varying amounts of water, there are several unique categories of wet cleaning. The most appropriate and safe one should be chosen for each item.

3. After water cleanup has been completed, full restoration can continue. Smaller items suffering from fire damage may have been removed from your business earlier to start this repair process. At this stage, your chosen restoration company should implement full site cleanup of the soot and odor. If you’re able to observe some of the restoration work without being an obstacle, you may simply find it amazing.

Following these three basic steps of cleanup will help guide you through a smoother transition after a commercial fire. With the right experts at your side, your fire damage worries may be minimized and your commercial site restored sooner than you think. Visit for more information on commercial fire damage. 

Recovering Your Personal Possessions From Mold Damage

5/15/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Recovering Your Personal Possessions From Mold Damage Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home.

If you’ve found mold creeping on your personal belongings, you may have no choice but to throw them out. Keeping even one mold-infested object can lead to a full-on outbreak that can contaminate other areas of your house. If your belongings are mold-contaminated, consider eliminating them from your Affton, MO home. However, if these objects have sentimental value, there may be ways to salvage them with mold cleaning.

Ways To Recover Mold-Damaged Belongings

Mold cleaning is something that shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, and if your belongings don’t have a smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean, you would be better off trusting a mold remediation specialist. Here are your options for recovering items plagued with mold damage:

• Gently wipe with detergent and water. Smooth surfaces such as plastic and non-engraved metal may respond to a cloth soaped in detergent and water, as long as there are no grooves, designs, or anything else that might capture mold or make the surface porous. If the item does not respond to gentle wiping, leave it alone and either dispose of it or hire a professional. More vigorous scrubbing may release spores into the air.
• Hire a specialist. Mold remediation specialists often have customized devices that can recover clothing, leathers, and paintings in particular – such as an Esporta machine. These specialists are also trained to safely handle mold-damaged items without risking further damaging them with corrosive chemicals or rough handling.

Always Focus on a Mold-Free Home

While it may seem like there are limited options for mold cleaning, one of the best ways to avoid this entirely is to keep a mold-free home. Always conduct periodic home inspections and cleanings to ensure there are no opportunities for mold to take root. You can preserve your belongings by keeping them dry and storing them in a cool, well-lit place where mold is less likely to proliferate. Visit for more information on mold. 

Here Is What You Should Do With Your Electronics After a Fire

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Here Is What You Should Do With Your Electronics After a Fire Give SERVPRO a call after fire damage.

One devastating side effect of a fire could be the loss of your possessions. As you try to navigate what the smoke damage might have done to your home in Affton, MO it is often difficult to tell if your electronics, which might look like they survived unscathed, are ready to be used in the aftermath. A fire cleanup service is extremely important. Let professionals guide you to make sure you can avoid another disaster and save as many of your possessions as possible.

1. Make Sure They’re Unplugged

After making absolutely certain you’re safe and it’s okay to do, unplug your appliances. You don’t want to accidentally turn them on, because this might cause a short circuit and it might lead to damage even fire cleanup professionals can’t help with.

2. Don’t Turn Them On

It can be tempting to turn on your electronics after a fire, especially if you use them to connect with friends or family. Turning them on before getting them professionally cleaned by a qualified technician is a bad idea, however, since they might have smoke residue. This, in turn, might cause damage to the device. It might also be hazardous to you.

3. Wipe Them Off

You should never handle electronics that are turned on or plugged in after a fire. If you can make sure your electronics are completely off and unplugged, however, it might be a wise idea to wipe them off with a clean cloth. The sooner you do this, the more likely a device is to survive.

4. Look for Your Warranty Records

Sometimes, it’s impossible for your electronics to recover after a fire. However, your electronics may be covered by their warranty.

Once you’re done, remember to call a professional fire cleanup service. Its agents are there to help your electronics recover from smoke damage and to make the transition back into normal life a little easier for you. Visit for more information on fire damage. 

Water Damage Affton - What you need to know to protect your home and loved ones

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Water Damage Affton - What you need to know to protect your home and loved ones Make sure to keep your home safe with knowledge. If you have water damage in your Affton home know what to do when re-entering your home.

Water can really wreak havoc on your home or building.

Whether you are dealing with broken pipes or a natural disaster, any number of things can cause flooding in your home. Besides the damage to any of your belongings and appliances, you have to find a way to get the water out of the building, and completely dry out the premises in order to avoid a problem that is compounded by pesky mold. If you are dealing with water damage, the first step is to tackle water removal. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may be able to take on water removal on your own. Otherwise, it is best to call in the professionals when the job is simply too big for you and you don't have the equipment or manpower to complete the water removal process. Also, notify your insurance company and take pictures of everything before you begin your clean up job. If you are going to get any kind of compensation, it will be necessary to have proof of the full extent of water damage in your building. 

Think About Electricity Before You Get Started

Before you actually begin removing water and drying out the premises, bear in mind that you have live electricity that is submerged under water. You take the risk of getting a dangerous shock unless you cut the power. Once the power is off, you can also address gas or propane. These sources of potential leaks should be turned off as well. Once you are sure it is safe to actually go into the flooded area of the building, make sure you are dressed in protective gear. There is a possibility that the water is contaminated. You'll find that there is a variety of equipment you can use to remove water, from sump pumps to wet vacuums, and heated blowers. In some cases, your best option is to allow evaporation to occur with the assistance of ventilation once the water has been removed. 

Take Care of Your Building Once the Water is Gone

When the water has been removed, along with any damaged belongings, you will need to perform a thorough cleaning with a disinfectant. You'll also be able to assess the damage and decide what needs to be replaced, from dry wall to flooring. 

  • Water Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Disaster, storm and flood damage
  • Mold Damage

Keeping Commercial Bathrooms Mold and Mildew Free

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Keeping Commercial Bathrooms Mold and Mildew Free Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

Mold and mildew can be some of the most common bathroom problems, and both are often very difficult to eliminate. Although there are thousands of types of fungi under the classification of mold, some of the microscopic organisms prefer a humid dwelling over an abundance of food. Those humidity-loving fungi are the ones most commonly found in bathrooms and laundry rooms in Affton, MO. To remove these voracious home-invading species of mildew, clean and dry walls are essential.

The Terrifying Truth About Mold

When the mold and mildew start chomping on your walls or ceilings, and you need to find a way to eradicate the spores, try these ideas:

• Look for ventilation to dry the area out.
• Try to remove any source of food.
• Open windows to lower humidity.

As one of the most prolific life forms on earth, fungi have a mission of consuming the organic world they live in, and they do a very good job. As with most life on planet earth, almost all types of fungus also require some moisture to survive. But mold and mildew have evolved to require very little water or food to complete a germination cycle. In fact, mold can find enough moisture on a humid day to subsist quite nicely. Add a few sloughed skin cells, or a dusty wall, and mold can quickly multiply into a colony big enough to be seen within a 24-hour period.

The Easiest Eradication of Mold

To prevent mold and mildew, clean walls with a sanitizing cleaner on a regular basis to remove any easily accessible food sources. Next, remember to turn on a fan or ventilation device any time water vapors can be seen in the bathroom air, especially after a bath or shower. If the humidity is high, consider running the bathroom fan during a portion of the day.

If you find bathroom mold despite your best efforts, call a mold remediation service to enlist the team’s help. A professional crew can often locate potential problems that are easily missed by the novice mold hunter and provide a mildew-clean bathroom. Visit for more information on mold. 

3 Steps To Creating a Viable Continuity Plan for Your Business

4/21/2018 (Permalink)

When a water disaster impacts your Affton, MO business, one major concern you may have is how the damage is going to affect your customers and employees. A work stoppage can have a significant impact on your business and cause you to lose time, money and clients. However, having a business continuity plan in case of a flood or other disaster can help you be better prepared and reduce down time, and there are a few steps you can take to create this plan.

1. Understand Your Needs

Before you can create an emergency response plan that works for you, it is important that you understand which facets of your business are the most important in case of a flood and where you would put your focus first. Creating a business impact report might help you address these needs and allow you and your managers to follow a unified plan in case of a disaster.

2. Create a Strategy

Once you understand your company’s needs when it comes to preventing or reducing a work stoppage in case of an emergency, it is important that you identify strategies that may help you fulfill them. Consider factors such as what financial resources you might have to make repairs and what kind of recovery options you might have at hand. Review these with your managers, and work to close as many resource gaps as possible.

3. Organize Teams

Creating effective teams to manage a work stoppage can be an important aspect of any business continuity plan. Because there are many facets to managing this issue, having informed teams organized and ready to react to an emergency can be vital to getting your company up and running again as soon as possible.

When your Affton, MO business experiences a disaster such as a flood or fire, work stoppage can seriously impact its success. Having a business continuity plan in place can reduce this type of disruption and help you get back to business as soon as possible.
Visit for more information on commercial water damage.